Saturday, February 28, 2015

Write your own page, follow your own path

I had a rough night last night up with my sickie big kid, and spent the later hours browsing the internet looking at health and fitness pages.  I was looking at training plans for races, strength building plans and nutrition. I found myself feeling overwhelmed and questioning my own training and habits (mind you I was tired).  But here's the thing, I've been experimenting and learning what works for me over the last 5 years and there are certain things I have figured out.  Yes, I am always learning and tweaking but there are certain things that just work for me right now.  

We know our bodies best, and what is going to work for our lifestyles.  This is what I know for sure, that works for "me": 

  • running three days a week, anymore and my knee and my foot get sore.  When training for a race that's one LSD, one "work" run tempo/speed/hills and one other run at maybe an easy/moderate run or another technical one.  
  • When running Full Body Strength Training sessions works best, as I only have room for 2, maybe 3 days of strength training.  When training for a race bodyweight, TRX, and "lighter" weights 8-10 rep range (ie. DOMS can't effect the run).  I've also learned that I am pretty quad dominant and need to work hard training my hamstrings and glutes.  
  • I know that the more time I give to working on hip mobility and yoga type restorative exercise the better I feel.  I also really suck at making this a priority.  
  • I do better when I am enjoying what I do and my favourite type of "strength" workout is a circuit style workout with lots of intensity.  
  • but I also enjoy a heavy, slow, big rests in between type of lifting's almost relaxing.  This really only works when I am not training for a race though.  
  • I need to mix it up every now and again and add some fun classes in to recharge my fun meter
  • I need to be able to modify my running plan based on my family life, and how my body feels
  • posting my workouts on Daily Mile and sharing them, motivates me, because I am blessed with amazing cheerleaders, so thankful for them.
  • wine is important, and I will have a fluffy wine belly :) no visible abs here! but they are there and strong! 
  • I'm a cheerleader at heart, and want to fill other's with that feeling of awesomeness too. I will cheer you on, and always want to help build you up and not tear you down. 
  • Even if our paths our different I can cheer you on yours :) 
  • lastly this body was built for LIVING and that's what I plan on doing! 

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