Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Food...Food...and More Food: What I am loving right now

I've mentioned that I have been reading the book Body Peace and I want to share one of the pages that really has had an impact on me.  An AHA moment if you will.

seriously read it again, let it soak in, what does it mean for you?
I think this quote will mean many things to different people.  But for me it was a way of letting go of "diet" thinking, calorie counting, tracking of food and instead focusing on eating wholesome, energy giving, delicious, filling, comforting, food.  It was a shift in thinking and a powerful one.  

Funny enough, it wasn't much of change in what I eat.  I've been eating in a "whole food" kind of way for a long time, but I've also been entering it diligently into My Fitness Pal and thinking about the calorie content and balancing the macros thinking that all this attention to the numbers would help me maintain or at times lose weight.  I want more then that, I want to not think about this stuff anymore.  

This quote has somehow helped me change my way of thinking.  If wholesome, nutritious, energy giving food is going in my body, I don't need to stress over all the other stuff.  As I let go of the mental energy that the "diet thinking" takes, I find myself better able to listen to my body.  AM I HUNGRY? AM I FULL? DO I WANT SOME CHOC for comfort? YES? OK :) 

I actually feel lighter, and more content.  I am also satisfied and well fuelled and feeling strong! 

Now the danger to this kind of thinking is taking it to the other extreme, and only eating "wholesome" or "clean eats" (I hate that word! so if I eat jubes I'm dirty?).  Again, going back to finding a place of balance I would say that 75-80% of what I eat is "whole foods" and well the other is WINE, and Choc Chips, and FANCY CHEESE and other yummies.  There is a good healthy balance of indulgence there.  The more I follow this, what I am now going to call "eating in the light" the less I BINGE eat the indulgences because they are no longer a forbidden food.  My "weekend" food behaviours swing less wildly and my weekday food habits are less restrictive and that magical place of balance is in sight! 

I"ve gone through this before, this idea of letting go of the all or nothing, black and white thinking in regards to food.  But truthfully, it seems to sneak back in. I'm really working hard this year to finally let go this and find my Body Peace. I want my girls to grow up learning these balanced behaviours and not the "diet like" ones.  

OK now on to the fun stuff, FOOD!!! 

I'm lucky that as a stay at home mom I have more time to grocery shop, prep and cook meals.  But even then I often fall into a "I'm too tired to cook" mode and well dinner becomes take in, going out, or pretty boring eats at home.  I love the pics of FOOD PREP that people share on Instagram and FB where they prep a week's worth of healthy food to make things easier for them.  But the idea of eating  mostly the same thing each night bores me.  I've been doing something a little new of late that is working really well and wanted to share it.  Who knows maybe you will get a few ideas that will work for you.  

So Monday is my kitchen day and I love it! I work out in the am and then hit the grocery store armed with my meal plan and groc list.  I also down a shake after my workout because there is no way I will make it through the grocery store with out stopping to eat cereal out of box in hunger.   Once home I eat lunch while the oven heats up and then I start prepping!  

Typically I will make a batch of hummus, bake some chicken, roast various veggies, make freekeh and some kind of a soup.  If the kids are lucky I might make some muffins or cookies. Kayleigh is still peed at the one time I made choc chip cookies with beans in them! All of this turns into easy meals.  

I am in love with these, I call them Nourish Bowls.  They are so easy to change up each week based on what I feel like roasting veggie wise.  Hummus is always a must in them! 

Even Ryan loves these and the kids will eat components of them  with other stuff I make for them.
A hearty comforting bowl (ok usually two bowls) of soup for a dinner and a lunch or two each week is something I really enjoy.  

The kids don't really love my soup :( So I usually make them a grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner,  when we have soup.  Or if  it's a Mexican tortilla soup like this I will make them sweet potato nachos and cheese with avocado and salsa. I try to make a "similar" dinner for them.  Yes I am guilty of making more then one dinner, I want what I want and I don't want the drama of making them eat stuff they hate, and it works for us. 

Monday and Tuesday are easy and I am going strong, and then I start to lose steam.  Tonight I was tired and thought about making breakfast for dinner and then found this amazing and easy recipe for Pizza Crust with chickpea flour! It was so easy to make, and really savoury and filling as well.  The toppings were a cinch as I still had left over chicken and sautéed onions, garlic and bok choy from my prep on Monday.  

Easy Peasy and Voila!

pssst. I doubled the recipe and it made 4 crusts...I ate TWO! 
Prepping on Monday doesn't get me through the whole week but it's a good start and my fridge is full of bit and bops (is that a thing?) for snacking and getting creative.  

The other thing I am LOVING right now is making my own treats!  Whether it be energy balls, choc cups or NUT BUTTER! 

Salted Tahini and date cups 

Almond and Coconut Butter Choc Cups

and OMG the best NUT BUTTER EVER! 

walnuts, almonds, pecans, dates and coconut oil! 
These treats are so filling and satisfying and leave me feeling CONTENT.  

I know I spend a lot of time posting pics of food and sharing recipes on FB/Instgram and I wanted to share why with you.  This stuff makes me happy, makes my belly happy and my soul happy.  I love getting new ideas and seeing like minded people finding their own way as well.  So hopefully, you find a little treat in here you might like making too.  

Oh and don't forget this stuff as well :) 


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