Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Goal: the Pistol Squat

I am making one simple goal for 2015! 

I want to master the pistol squat! 

Pic from here

This will not be like my past goals of doing one chin up! Which I have not even come close to being able to do.  Mind you I have never really worked on it consistently, but still something tells me that one is a really really hard one to get (like running a sub 4 marathon, pipe dream, lol)  

But this one, I think, no I know I can work my way to this one!  It's also the perfect goal because it means that I have to have the hip mobility, glute strength, and overall strength and balance to master it.  This will keep me in check while training for the May Marathon.  When I finished my endurance training in Sept I struggled to get ass to grass in a squat because my hips were so tight and my glutes and hamstrings weak.  But with my focus on strength training I soon built the strength and flexibility to easily come down and load weight on too.  I worry that as I switch back into more of an endurance focus I will lose the strength that I have built, so I think this goal will help me maintain that balance between the two.  

I found this awesome progression link on how to work your way to the Pistol Squat and I'm already doing many of them.  I love seeing the progression happen and getting closer to that goal.  

What are your goals this year?


  1. Joe and I are registered for the Ottawa Race Weekend 5K this year

    1. EEEEEEEE I love that you are doing it together Amy!!!