Tuesday, December 23, 2014

26.2 Again

It's been a while since I've blogged, truthfully, I was feeling a little burnt out.  Not from blogging of course but from trying to push for bigger and better all the time.  I had lost the fun.  I stopped enjoying the thing that has brought me so much joy since starting this fitness journey.  So this summer after running the Army Run I decided to take a break from running.  This summer on vacation, when I forgot my running shoes and took my first week off in 4 years was a bit of an eye opener.  So I decided to go on a Mission: Operation Find the Fun Again!  I joined The Athletic Club in Kanata as a treat just for me.  Instead of waiting for a year for it to open in Barrhaven.  During my orientation when they asked me what my goals were, I said to HAVE FUN!  I started doing classes again, something I usually didn't have time for in my training plan or was to afraid of hurting myself to do.  I started going to an Anti Gravity Yoga Class and letting go literally!  I started doing a barre inspired class and even the occasional TRX class too.

First day at GL May 2010 and First day at TAC Aug 2014, despite the physical differences both these pictures have the same inter excitement at all the possibilities ahead! 
Along with playing and enjoying classes again, I decided to start a strength training program and really give strength training my focus.  After a summer of biking and running for very long distances my body was in dire need of getting strong and building muscle again.  When I started my hamstrings were so weak that a regular body weight bridge was difficult.  Now I'm loading up the bar from the squat rack and doing hip thrusters!  I had forgotten how motivating it was to focus on strength and to see gains week after week.  Where as with running I feel like my pace is now my pace, I don't seem to be getting any faster LOL :) Biking I saw myself get faster but again it was new.  

Aug to Sept, 14 pounds and 17.5 inches lost!  
I so enjoyed the rhythm of going to the gym and following a strength program, every now again I would look at the treadmill and feel a little sick to my stomach.  I was worried about spring and feeling like I needed to get back to running but the thought of doing so filled me with dread.  So I told myself that I didn't even need to think about it till December.  I took the anxiety and pressure off my plate and when I did a funny thing happened.  I found myself in November wanting, actually wanting, to go out for a run.  I wasn't running much maybe once a week, and when I went I would leave my garmin at home.  I felt like I needed to reconnect with my inner runner, and rediscover why I loved it.   It worked, and I found myself enjoying the run with JOY!  It had been so long since I had enjoyed a run without a negative inner dialogue.  I still wasn't quite ready to make the big decision yet though.  Would I do a half or a full in the spring?  If I was going to run a marathon in 2015 it had to be spring because I was not spending another summer  training for a big race.  I fully plan on enjoying our new trailer and summer adventures this year without the stress of a training plan.  I won't be inactive by any means, I will travel with my bike and running shoes but will go as far as my heart desires and not because I HAVE TO.  BUT a spring MARATHON, means WINTER training!  Last winter I barely ran outside in the cold/snow at all! You can get away with that with a half.  Training for my first and 2nd marathon, two winters in a row did me in.  It made me hate winter.  So despite feeling the joy and urge to run come back, I wasn't feeling very motivated to sign up for a FULL.  So I said, just wait, just see how you feel. 

now let's just double that and we are back in the game! 
Then one day I went out for a long run, a 10 miler, and I came home riding the high! I knew then, that I was back, that it was time.  The credit card came out and  I registered for the May Race Weekend Full Marathon.  This was the race where my life long dream of running a Marathon came true.  This is the race I ran crying almost all the way, and listing to little messages from girls cheering me on.  This was my best race ever! So I kind of feel that it's fitting to be going back now, feeling renewed.  

I dare say I"m actually enjoying my winter runs so far, mind you that might change when the -20 hits lol
My plan for this Marathon, is to recreate the feeling I had during the first one.  I trained hard but didn't really have any expectations for time.  My goal is to run happy and with as much JOY as I can.  It's a blessing to be able to do this and I don't want to take that for granted.  

I also plan on blogging the journey, I'm hoping it will help me stay focused on the joy part and away from the garmin stats LOL.   

So here's comes Marathon number FIVE! EEEEEEEEEEEEE

PS. Discovered this magic sauce while making bacon roll ups with friend last night and I am already dreaming about a grill cheese sammie slathered in that sauce after a 20 miler!  Almost makes me WANT to run it :) LOL. 

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