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The house is quiet and I am tucked in by the fire with my coffee and thinking it's the perfect time to blog a recap of this wicked year!  I was blessed beyond measure this year with health, family, friends and fun! Truly a mix of FIT FEATS and WICKED TREATS!

I started the "racing season" with the Manotick Miler a small local race that I love.  The kids come and do the little race and I get to run with my girlfriends.  This year Big Rig was there for the best tasting burgers and beer after! Like I said FIT FEATS and WICKED TREATS :)

A happy preview of what was to come in Pellee :) 

Fit Fam :) I love that the whole family is into sweating and having fun.
With the Miler under my belt and the roads finally clear and dry it was time to get my new ROAD BIKE out for some long distances. After a long long winter of biking in a dank gym it felt amazing to be outside.  2hrs on a spin bike is very very boring!  I have to say that having a bike this year brought me all kinds of childlike joy and weeeeeeeee, as well as exciting firsts.  I am still awfully proud of the moment when I first successfully managed to take a drink from my water bottle while riding my bike!

The first big "scary" was the CHEO 70km ride with friends.  Heck if 70km and riding in a large group wasn't scary enough, I had to drive DT and find parking! I'm telling you this biking thing really pushed my comfort zone in all things this year and helped me own my big girl panties.  

Muriel, Kelly, Josee, Donna, Allyson and I, I loved having these girls to laugh and celebrate with.  WIZARD RIDERS!
70km my furthest distance ever at the time, in the cold rain that turned my feet into ice blocks! I stopped once to take a drink as I wasn't yet comfortable drinking and driving.  My proudest moment was when I finished and one of the race marshals came up to me and said he had been trying to catch up with me but couldn't do it.  He asked how long I had been riding and I said a few months :)

Next up was the Pelee Island Half Marathon with some of my very bestest of friends.  We took off on a 4 day adventure together.  This weekend was amazing for so many reasons.  My phone didn't receive data well so I was essentially unplugged.  The Island truly felt like a retreat, everything seemed to pass by in a slower more relaxed mode.  We rented bikes one day and toured about exploring like kids.  We took a million selfies :) We drank wine, ate deep fried pickles, and had Bailey Lattes.  Oh and then we ran a half marathon!  I love that I got to see Sue-Anne and Liz finish their FIRST half marathons! Oh man the goosebumps! truly one of my favourite moments!  My all time favourite moment was after the race when Liz came over with her plate full of food and her eyes full of happy tears and then we all started crying!  A weekend of soul filling sisters.  

I trained HARD for this race, really hoping that I might be able to pull off a PR but the HEAT omg the HEAT got to me! It was truly the hardest half I have ever run.  I fell apart at the end and walked a lot.  I've never walked in a half before.  Proud that I still managed to squeak in under 2 hrs at 1:57:18 :) 

After a fun and restful weekend away it was time to get back to training and get ready for my first Duathlon! I had a lot of fun training for this race with my running buddy Rachael, we shared some great long rides and jello leg bricks together.  This was my favourite race of the year.  I loved how new it was, I loved the transition zone that made me feel like an athlete.  I know that sounds silly but it did.  The kids did a 2km race in the am, and then hung around to cheer me on.

this makes me all sorts of happy :) 
My Rachael :) oh how I miss our runs and chats and looking at your spit!  

I felt on fire in the 5km, got caught up in the excitement and instead of easing into the race  gave the 5km my all! 24:20....oops :)  I felt that later :)
The bike was my favourite part of the race! I felt like I was flying, I pushed really hard and gave it my all.  I  was so scared going around the corners at the turn around points, and had to unclip one foot each time just in case!  My legs were dead at the end! I have to say that 10km run after was gruelling! and to do 4 loops sucked! I am so thankful my kids were there high giving me at each turn! I can not imagine running a half let alone a full marathon after a bike! WOW 
Got to love small races where you place FIRST in your category and THIRD overall in  your gender :) makes you feel like a super star!
So as you can see there have been many Fit Feats but what about the WICKED TREATS?  We started our amazing summer off early in Norland and carried on all summer with many weekends spent with my family.  Norland summers can be summed up by boating, wake boarding, boat drinks, dock sitting, camp fires and most of all FAMILY.  

So many amazing memories made this summer, our best summer yet! 
Even I got up for about 30 sec's! 
We also spent many a weekend with our camping buds the Jenn/Darryls and even ventured into the sweet life of Trailer Living! 

Nothing like sitting in the lake, waves lapping on your legs chatting away with your girlfriend :) 

So many more adventures to come in this baby :) 
We were very blessed this year and treated ourselves to a membership at a local outdoor pool.  The girls spent so much time in the water this year.  Kasey literally became a little mermaid.

It was a crazy summer and we were away SIX WEEKEND IN A ROW from the start of the summer with trips to Norland, Camping and a week's rental at Sandbanks Summer Village! And with all that fun I took my bike with me everywhere!
she's a beauty 
I managed to keep up with my Half Iron Duathlon training despite all the fun we were having.  I trained HARD!!! and I partied hard!  I had the fluff to go with it :) I might not have always been able to follow my plan perfectly but I did my best and I was getting in long long rides, and hard runs.  I would get up early and do my best to get the training out of the way so that I wouldn't miss out on the fun with my family and friends.

It was all worth it when I got to enjoy views like this!  I was certainly in my happy place :) 
The ride I am most proud of was doing just over 100KM's (109 I think?) with my friend Josee.  We tackled this ride together, cheering each other on, encouraging each other, and near the end moaning and grumping together as we struggled to keep pushing.  My ass felt like it melted over the seat at one point!
This curly girl got me through my nerves and anxiety and helped me push outside my comfort zone! 
It was right after that ride that we headed to Sandbanks to for a week and I forgot my running shoes! I had never done that before! I ended up taking a week off of running for the first time in years! It was the first of a series of eye openers that told me that I had burnt myself out.  Run's ending in pain limping.  No longer finding any joy in the things that I once loved.  I ended up making a very hard decision and for the first time ever, didn't follow through on a race I had signed up for.  I backed out of the Half Iron Duathlon and it was like a huge weight was lifted.  I joined the Athelctic Club and made my mission having fun!  I started taking classes again.  I still had the Army Run Half Marathon to do but I wasn't training HARD for it.  I didn't do speed, tempo or hill work. I figured my Half Iron training had left me with enough fitness to get me through.  I have to admit as the race came closer I was DREADING IT! I even thought about not doing it.  But I sucked it up and went in with the attitude of just having fun!
still managed to just squeak in under 2hrs at 1:58:58 :) 
After the Army Run, it was truly time to just let go and have fun.  We headed to Las Vegas with our good friends and got CLASSY/MESSY for 4 days!
Oh Yeah!! 
Seriously living it up with my girl Laura! 

drunken 2am getting my awkward dance on! 
Oh Vegas! you were so naughty :) I will admit by day 4, I was done and very anxious to get home to clean Barrhaven and my girls.  Once home I continued on my journey of letting go and rediscovering my joy.

let it go 
I took my time healing so to speak.  I didn't put any pressure on myself to sign up for any races in the new year.  I slowly got back into running, even leaving my garmin at home.  I took my time and let my body and mind rediscover my love of running.  Then when my heart was ready I took the plunge and registered for the Ottawa Marathon.  I am both excited and nervous, but I have something going into this race that I have not had before.  I am at peace with myself (mostly lol).  There is no pressure and I am going to just do my best and truly enjoy the journey.  

As a final fun :)  I had a lot of fun dressing up this year!  Despite living in workout clothes and leggings and rarely doing my hair or make up, I really do love to get girly! I had lots of fun dressing up this year.

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