Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rest and Re-set

Happy 19km run in Hilly Norland

It's amazing how much better I feel since letting go of the Half Iron Du.  I literally feel as though a big weight has lifted off my shoulders, and the shadow has passed.  This past weekend I took a full rest day on Friday and Saturday morning headed out to try a long run with new met pads in my shoes.  Given that I ended my run 12km on Thursday limping I wasn't sure how it would go.  GUESS WHAT?  I felt great! I felt better then great.  I enjoyed the first half immensely, I felt free! I tackled 3 huge hills and felt very strong going up them.  I have to say I think I like running hills!  Going down however is a different story, the impact get's to my knees and on the way home the impact of running down those 3 hills was getting to me.  I listened to my body and slowed down and even walked down some of the steep tilted hills.  Even with slowing down I ended with a great long run pace of 9:24 min/mile.  Best of all I enjoyed the run and felt good.  

Sunday was spent boating and I did a short 20 min PIYO strength workout on the dock by the water.    Later that day I even got over a huge fear of the water and actually gave a try at surfing.  

That's ME!!! that's really ME!!!!
Truthfully, I had been using the excuse of not wanting to get hurt before the race as an excuse to not try every time we went boating.  Not anymore, so I TRIED!  And man oh man it was fun!  I cried, laughed and sang!   

Monday I felt the familiar need to get a burn on, but I was feeling tired, we were packing up and had a long drive ahead so I took a REST DAY!  I took a rest day on a MONDAY!  I only did one long workout on the weekend!  

Tuesday the plan was to run, I likely "should" have done some speed work or a tempo run. Instead I ran as far as I wanted, and as fast I wanted and even checked out a new route!  It felt great and I ended up running 7km,  and at decent pace to boot.  Again, I ENJOYED IT! 

Today I had planned on hitting the gym, but wasn't feeling it.  So instead I rallied up some friends and we did PIYO in the park, it was fantastic.  I felt like I needed to do some cardio too, to get a spin class in or something like that.  Being so used to double workouts and a lot of cardio.  But I felt tired and reminded myself I let go of the race because I was feeling burnt out.  If I continue blazing on all burners I'm not going to re-charge.  So I let it go and was content with just the PIYO.  

Sporting some silly looking but I like them cute pig tails for piyo today 

I'm listening to my body and letting myself rest more.  I'm enjoying what I feel like doing from an exercise perspective and not following a specific training plan yet.  The focus right now, is re charging my batteries.  I'm also focusing on eating better and remembering what's like to eat when you haven't burned a ton of calories on a 2.5 hr workout 3 times a week training for a huge race.  I'm finding my happy balance again and it feels good.