Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Training Week 4: The Sun was out!

One whole month into spring race training!  Too bad it doesn't seem like spring at all yet, with the snowbanks still a mile high.  I had a great week last week.  I got in all 3 of my runs, 1 brick, one ride, 3 strength sessions, and a day of skiing with the family!  Some highlights from the week:

I got my curly kid to join me in a workout on Monday.  I needed to do a quick TRX workout in the afternoon after my Brick Workout in the am, and well my motivation to do so was pretty low.  So I thought it would be fun if she joined me.  She put on her "workout" clothes and I gave her some safe exercises to do.  It was a lot of fun.  I mean look at how cute she is.  

My BFF right now, the spin bike.  Since I can't bike outside yet I'm spending a lot of time on this baby.  I'm now able to spend most of the ride in that hunched over "aero" position, where as I could only do it for about 5 min before.  I love the feeling of cranking the tension up, and feeling the burn in my legs and the sweat pouring down.  I don't sweat like that when I run for some reason.  I have to admit I feel bad ass! 

Wednesday I tried out the new PiYo 32 DVD.  It was fun to try a new lesson out but slighting annoying that I don't know the moves and the instructor is too quiet to hear.  But still a good hour long strength and core workout.  

I'm really proud of the workout I had Friday.  First of all it was a PA day and I had to take the kids to the gym with me.  I spent the morning grumbling and using the kids as an excuse to not go.  Turns out they went without a fuss in  and it was just me that was all grumbly about the gym.  We ended up at Huntclub, where I had planned on a spin class and then a ride after to total 90 min.  I got there and just didn't want to do a class.  I was really in a mood.  So I used the awful life cycle bike (I don't like as the seat is really wide and digs into my leg) So I told myself I would do an hour, and try to get 32km in.  It was a race against myself.  I used level 13 for 1 min, lev 12 for 3 min, and rested at lev 11 for one minute and repeated that cycle for 50 min (plus 5 min warm up, and 5 min lev 11 at the end).  So had some decent tension on the bike.  I pushed and pushed and gave it my all to get those 32km in...35 sec over the hour! So close! I'm proud of making it to the gym when I didn't want to go, of biking for an hour where the longest I have been able to sit on that bike prior is 30 min, and most of all I am proud of the PEED MY PANTS LOOK for pushing the pace so hard :) 

Saturday we went skiing and it was one of the best days yet!  The sun was out, it was warm, warm enough to drink beed and eat jibes outside on the patio!  By the end of the kids lesson they were zooming down the hill with more confidence then ever.  It was really an awesome day.  We ended it at the Royal Oak where I filled my pie hole with a Steak and Guinness Pot Pie to carb load up for Sunday.  mmm pie! 

Sunday I had 9 miles to do, a great distance, relatively short and yet long enough to get into the groove and feel like you did a good distance.  I actually got off the dreadmill and RAN OUTSIDE! I need to say that again, I RAN OUTSIDE!  I actually went somewhere.  My neck and shoulders felt so relaxed not staring down at the dreadmill display the whole time.  It was beautifully sunny out.  Look at the grin on my face! I was so happy!  PS. that is also my just farted face.  

The exercise part is going great, and I can feel the training paying off. I am feeling stronger.  I'm finding more and more balance in the food department.  I likely could stand to not indulge as much as I do on the weekends.  But the good thing is that for the most part I stop when I'm full.  Like Saturday night we went out for dinner I had the steak pot pie which in itself is like 1000 cals!  But I didn't have an appetizer like my eyes wanted to, nor did I get a dessert even though my brain was thinking about the choc at home in my freezer.  I only had one, be it LARGE glass of wine.  I was totally satisfied and went home and filled my water bottle up and settled in for a movie.  No further snacking because I was into the "bad' food already.  I was truly satisfied and content.  Sunday night Ryan made is famous burgers for dinner I ate two, but one "thin bun."  I also drove to Kardish when getting groceries for dinner that night so I could get the "healthy" oven sweet potato fries.  I was too lazy to make my own and in my mind told myself these organic ones were better then McCain.  Oh the things I do.  BUT we also went to Kiwi Craze that night and I had much to big of a bowl.  I actually went to bed that night with a pain in my rib cage from eating to much.  The positive though is that I didn't once feel like I needed to make myself that MONDAY promise of restricting and woke up this morning feeling good.  I will admit there are times when I think I should be more "strict" with my food and lose some pounds.  But overall, I'm trying to let go of that and do my best to navigate eating healthy and still enjoying things I like.  I'm really trying to find that happy balance for myself.  It's there and I know I can find it if I keep trying.  

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