Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Training Week 3

My 20 min at home TRX/KB workout, it was all I had in me that day, but still got a good STRENGTH workout in 

Last week was a rough one for me, I caught the "man cold".  I say the man cold because I wasn't horribly sick but man I was MISERABLE!!  My nose and eyes leaked constantly, no matter how many cold pills I pumped in me I dripped.  I had kleenex stuffed in my nose and tucked behind my glasses most of the time.  I spent most of the afternoons last week on the couch, and one of the evenings that I was supposed to put the kids to bed, well let's say they kind of put themselves to bed.

I'm proud to say that despite being sick last week I still managed to complete most of my planned training.  I did 3 runs (speed, tempo and LSD), one bike, 3 strength and even a 5km family skate on the canal.  I pushed through some awful feeling workouts, but I also did listen to my body and rested. I took 2 days of rest instead of one.  One day my workout consisted of a light 20 min on the TRX and that's it.  So I feel like I achieved a good balance of taking care of myself and also pushing through to get the work done.  I took Friday off, felt itchy about it, but rested all day.  I am so glad I did!  Saturday morning I woke up feeling good, and ran my fastest 10 mile training run this year! It really hammered home how important rest is.  I felt itchy about not working out, like I needed to be getting a "burn" on.  But thing is that my mindset has shifted and burning calories is not the priority, PERFORMANCE IS!  Resting Friday helped me KILL IT Saturday.  I'm going to keep this in mind the next time I feel itchy taking a day of rest.

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