Saturday, March 22, 2014

Be honest, does my butt look padded?

Friday I took a rest day, instead of taking Sunday, I decided to let my sore tired body rest.  Instead of heading to the gym I treated myself to coffee and a gourmet breaky sammie at Thimble Cafe, while reading my latest vamp book. It was heaven!  Afterward, I went on the hunt for some proper "bike" clothes.  I will leave the negative experience I had out of the story.  Suffice to say that bike clothing is not like my beloved "Bubble Top Lulu" tops that hide my squishy middle.  But in the end I found a jersey and some padded (aka diaper) shorts that I love and that make me feel BIKING BAD ASS!  Now I just need to get the actual bike! I love that I got the clothes first, that' s so me, it's all about the outfits.  But I am going to Bushtukah's Bike night Sunday and hope to be coming home with a sleek new ride within the week.  

So what do you think? Does my butt look padded? If it doesn't I assure you that dinner out last night (wine, and dessert included), the WINE tonight, the pizza, and don't get me started on the JUBES will pad my rear end :) 


  1. Look at you all hot and padded!

    Those shorts save my vag - totally worth the investment!

  2. If you hadn't mentioned it, I would not have known about the padded booty.
    As for Amy's comment. I didn't know biking could lead to a vag emergency. I'm sticking to the couch.

  3. That's why I can't stand biking, even with the padding my 'gina hurts for days afterwards. Can't tell you look padded butt at all, i think it just feels bunchy, but it's not noticeable. My husband is a triathelete and he wears padded shorts ALL the time for his rides, so I'm probably just used to the toochies :)