Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Training for Spring Races is Underway

Training for spring races is well underway.  It feels so weird to say Spring, it is coming right? First up will be the Manotick 10 Miler on April 27th, and a week later a 70KM Bike for CN Cycle for CHEO (I have never biked that far).  My main events though will be a super fun girls getaway weekend to Peele Island to run a Half Marathon June 1st with some very good friends.  Two of my favourite things WINE and RUNNING!  Then on June 15th I will do my VERY FIRST DUATHALON!  An olympic distance Duathalon consisting of a 5km run, 40km bike and 10 km run.  I'm pretty nervous about that one, especially since I also signed up for the half iron distance at the end of August.  But I can't even quite wrap my mind around that right now.

Did I mention that as a kid I used to fall off my bike a lot? I still have scars on the my knees.

January I started doing a "long run" again on weekends with the goal of having 10 miles feel like a comfortable distance to run.  Think of it as the new 10km, why not?  I knew that Feb 10th my Run Less Run Faster Program, which I used to PR in the half distance last year, would start.  The program has a pace target for each run, and I knew that I needed to have the distance under my belt so I could focus on pace.  I was also doing some brick bike to run workouts getting a feel for that in addition to my usual strength training.  Last Monday things got serious and my plan came together.

The "plan" right now is to follow the RLRF program of one speed, one tempo and one long run a week.  I'm also adding a "brick" (bike+run) workout and an endurance ride workout in.  That's 5 cardio workouts a week compared to my usual 3.  Needless to say fitting in strength work is challenging.  I learned training for my last Marathon, in October last year, that I can't back off strength too much.  I don't like feeling "weak" and I hurt myself to easily.  So right now I am aiming for 2-3 strength sessions a week.  They may be a 20 min TRX workout, a PiYo Strength workout, and a more formal gym strength session with the free weights and squat rack for 30 min.  They are shorter and full body workouts.  Oh and lots of stretching and foam rolling I can't forget that!

It's funny despite being someone that workouts out most often 6 days a week and sometimes more, my schedule seems a bit overwhelming to me at the moment.  Maybe it's because I am used to one "long workout" my long run.  Now I have 2-3 long cardio workouts a week.  Then stick 20 min on the TRX on to that....aye aye I am tired.  But it's a plan, and I will see how it goes.  It's early yet and I don't need to be on the bike for 2 hrs plus yet.  So maybe I drop a bike workout one week and take an extra rest day if I need it, maybe I replace it with a strength workout.  To be honest I am flying by the seat of my pants a bit with regards to the bike stuff.  Running I know, biking I do not.  I have looked up some plans online and have a general idea of what to do.  I want to see how the Spring goes, and then see if I need help and need to get a coach to help me.

I'm missing one KEY component right now and that's a bike! I need to get myself a new bike as I don't think my 10 year old Canadian Tire Special is going to cut it.  I think I will head to Bushtukah tommorrow night to get an idea of what I should be looking at.  I'm pretty excited.  We have a week at Sandbanks booked this summer and I can't wait to take my shiny new bike and train there.

So until I have both a new bike, and clear roads I have been spending lots of time on this baby.

I will bike on it for 30-50 min and then go run on the treadmill.  That's my version of brick workout right now.  Not ideal by any means but I hate the cold and the snow.  So you make it work with what you have.  

I"m proud to say that my rear end is toughening up and my butt almost finds the seat comfortable until about the 70 min mark that is.  

So it's game on! See that's my game face at 5am :)