Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Heading into training week 3: with kleenex stuffed up my nose and trying to not pee myself

 I'm working hard toward my spring race goals and have already gotten two weeks of my training plan under my belt.  I'm pretty proud of last week's training:

I did 3 runs last week (one speed, one tempo, one LSD), 1 Brick, 1 Spin, 3 strength training sessions, and a day of skiing with the family on my rest day!  BAM! 
Last week I tried to add a little more strength training into the week and managed to get 3 sessions in instead of 2.  They weren't long, but I feel they were effective.  I did a 20 min TRX session one afternoon after a Brick Workout in the am.  The following day I did a PiYO strength workout at home, I have to tell you I LOVE these workouts.  They are the perfect combination of leg work, stretch and sweat! Plus core and upper body, not to mention balance. I love getting into the flow of it.  Then Thursday after a challenging Speed workout I hit the free weights and squat rack with my friend Laura for 30 min.  That one was FUN, and just what I needed.  Fitting in the strength work is what I struggle with so I'm really happy with this week.

I'm also proud to report that I met all my pace targets on my runs last week!  I got over my equilibrium issue on the treadmill and was even able to get my speed workout done without much issue.  I say "much" because on my first 400m lap I was still scared and had my hand on the bar, totally afraid to take it off.  After that I was fine.  It's so weird that running at a 8.1mph pace is pushing it for me now on 400m, where as last year I was doing 9.1 no problem.  Takes time to build back up, I just have to trust that it will come back.  My running is getting stronger, and even if I don't meet the same paces I did last year that's ok.  I have a different goal this year, it isn't to PR it's to Finish a first ever! Very excited about that.

So two great weeks under the belt and sadly not starting off well this week.  I caught a a nasty head cold.  Monday I spent the morning training other's feeling slightly off but by the afternoon I was laid up on the couch with Kleenex stuck up my nose.  I went to bed at 6pm that night (skipping the gym) and slept for over 12 hrs.  I think the 12 hrs of sleep boosted me a bit and I made my tempo run and strength workout the next morning, but soon after was a snotty mess and back on the couch.  I'm going to do my best to fit it all in this week but at the same time I'm ok with having to modify the plan a bit to rest and feel better.  Franky, I will have to modify it.  But that's alright.  Today my big plan is making a pot of soup and eating it all, and picking up all my kleenex before the dog get's it.

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