Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sign that my mindset is changing

Last night I enjoyed a delicious dinner of Quinoa Turkey Muffins, with a decadent like salad made with spinach, toasted Nann (OMG white carbs!) and BRIE! Oh and two glasses of wine.  It was heavenly and I thought a delicious balance of good for me food and some special treat like food to enjoy on New Years Day.   Over the holidays I have done really well with the "intuitive'' style of eating.  But then in the evening I found myself eating the last of the jube jubes, before I knew it I was eating some chocolate too.  I soon found myself feeling overly full and gross and with that feeling came the old mindset that said "well you've blown it you might as well go big and then start over in the morning."  I started thinking about the left over halloween chocolate bars I didn't allow myself to eat at Halloween.  I found myself walking downstairs and digging the bag out.   I opened it, looked at my very favourite Coffee Crisp, and then remembered how full I was.  I no longer wanted the chocolate bars.  Instead I made a cup of mint tea and went to bed to watch a movie.  Guess what? I woke up this morning feeling fine.  I put on my workout clothes and I look fine.  I didn't blow up from enjoying some of my favourites, the world did not end, all is well.  Slowly but surely my mindset is changing, and I like the way I feel.

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  1. It's those slow changes that sometimes have the biggest impact. :)