Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My One Little Word for 2014

I've been playing along with Ali Edward's One Little Word since back in my "obsessive scrapbook days" (now I'm just mildly obsessed).   The idea is to choose a word that will act as a guide for the year.  A word that will help inspire you and colour the things that you do.  Last year my word was "Simplify".  I wanted to simplify our home, our routine, my races and training, to live more simply.  I think I simplified some things, I know I still have a long way to go in the home department.  I think this year's word goes well with simplify.  This year I have chosen the word "LISTEN".

 I will LISTEN to my children, slow down and listen to what they are saying, what they are sharing with me.  

I will LISTEN to my husband when he is sharing the things he is passionate about music and cross fit, even when it's boring Pink Floyd.  

I will LISTEN to my body's needs when training this year.

I will listen to my heart and what it is telling me.  

What One Little Word will you choose to guide you this year?  Ali has a great post with a huge list of words to help inspire you.  

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