Saturday, January 25, 2014

Body Bliss Pics

One of my "light you up and fill your soul" friend's has an amazing page called Body Bliss Health and Fitness.  It's an incredible page that is full of motivational messages to help you lead your best life.  To help you strive for fitness, health and happiness.  One of the things she does is host a Flex Friday were people share their "sexy flexes," selfies, transformations, any picture that makes them feel good. It's such a neat idea, people commenting positive encouraging messages.  It's a feel good thing, a moment to say "Hey I'm working hard and I'm proud."  It's inspiring to see REAL people and the changes they have made.  

I've been taking pictures of my self in my gym clothes since day one almost 4 years ago.  Those pictures have motivated me along the way.  Right now those pictures help me see a fit, healthy, happy and beautiful girl.  They help me with using the scale less, and letting go of food restrictions and the diet mentality.  These pictures help me see that eating well, eating foods I enjoy, that moving almost every day work for me.  

I thought I would share some of them with you :)  

I had my driver's license renewed in December, the difference is striking.  When I saw these side by side it really hit me that my LIFESTYLE has changed, that I haven't seen that girl in the bottom picture in almost 4 years.  It made me feel good :) 

I took this picture on a Monday at the gym after a really fun weekend, hanging with friends at Wine Club (after a 19km run), and a lazy Sunday where I enjoyed breaky out, a little skating and dinner out at the WORKS!  It was an indulgent weekend, and this picture reassured me that it's ok to do that every now and again. No need to compensate, or restrict, just carry on with your regular habits.  No guilt, I had a great weekend. 

This set of pictures really helped me get over a bad feeling.  I had gone to Track Practice and put my iPhone arm band on.  I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw how it hugged the loose skin and flab on my arm.  I felt horrible about my flabby arms.  I ran the track feeling like they were flapping about.  I felt insecure and badly about myself.  Gone was the confident body loving me.  Then I took some new pictures, held a different pose, and saw that this flab is a badge of honour and beautiful :) 

A fun piyo pic :) 
This week's Flex Fri pic, I've been training for upcoming spring races which include a half marathon, a 70km bike ride and my first Olympic Duathalon. It feels great to be working toward something again after a 2 month break.  I'm excited and nervous and happy all at once.  

Pictures taken in Punta Cana, where I ran on the beach barefoot and practiced piyo with my toes in the water.  This trip was magical and one where I totally felt happy, free, and in the moment.  I also really enjoyed the mojitos and food!

Even if you don't share your pictures online somewhere (instagram, FB, etc) I really encourage you take them for yourself.  They can be a fantastic motivator and way to encourage and celebrate yourself.  Just be careful when a boat load of your selfies show up on your apple tv! LOL.


  1. You're a total babe. That is all. xo

  2. Great Post. I find losing and gaining easy and maintaining is painful for me. How do you find the maintaining part?

  3. Maintaining not so bad....for me maintaining isn't my "lowest weight" at my "maintenance" weight I can enjoy wine and choc and indulge 20% of the time, my exercise habits are ingrained and help me stay fit, I love healthy food and 80% of the time eat really well. It's losing that is hard for me...the restrictions make me MENTAL! GRUMPY! INPATIENT! I've come to see it's not a happy place for me. I fee like I have found my comfortable place :) it took a long long time to find it :)

  4. If you hadn't told me so, I would've never guessed you were the person in the old license pic. Your transformation has been epic.

  5. Maintaining not so bad....for me maintaining isn't my "lowest weight" at my "maintenance" weight I can enjoy Benefits of Online counseling