Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The house is quiet and I am tucked in by the fire with my coffee and thinking it's the perfect time to blog a recap of this wicked year!  I was blessed beyond measure this year with health, family, friends and fun! Truly a mix of FIT FEATS and WICKED TREATS!

I started the "racing season" with the Manotick Miler a small local race that I love.  The kids come and do the little race and I get to run with my girlfriends.  This year Big Rig was there for the best tasting burgers and beer after! Like I said FIT FEATS and WICKED TREATS :)

A happy preview of what was to come in Pellee :) 

Fit Fam :) I love that the whole family is into sweating and having fun.
With the Miler under my belt and the roads finally clear and dry it was time to get my new ROAD BIKE out for some long distances. After a long long winter of biking in a dank gym it felt amazing to be outside.  2hrs on a spin bike is very very boring!  I have to say that having a bike this year brought me all kinds of childlike joy and weeeeeeeee, as well as exciting firsts.  I am still awfully proud of the moment when I first successfully managed to take a drink from my water bottle while riding my bike!

The first big "scary" was the CHEO 70km ride with friends.  Heck if 70km and riding in a large group wasn't scary enough, I had to drive DT and find parking! I'm telling you this biking thing really pushed my comfort zone in all things this year and helped me own my big girl panties.  

Muriel, Kelly, Josee, Donna, Allyson and I, I loved having these girls to laugh and celebrate with.  WIZARD RIDERS!
70km my furthest distance ever at the time, in the cold rain that turned my feet into ice blocks! I stopped once to take a drink as I wasn't yet comfortable drinking and driving.  My proudest moment was when I finished and one of the race marshals came up to me and said he had been trying to catch up with me but couldn't do it.  He asked how long I had been riding and I said a few months :)

Next up was the Pelee Island Half Marathon with some of my very bestest of friends.  We took off on a 4 day adventure together.  This weekend was amazing for so many reasons.  My phone didn't receive data well so I was essentially unplugged.  The Island truly felt like a retreat, everything seemed to pass by in a slower more relaxed mode.  We rented bikes one day and toured about exploring like kids.  We took a million selfies :) We drank wine, ate deep fried pickles, and had Bailey Lattes.  Oh and then we ran a half marathon!  I love that I got to see Sue-Anne and Liz finish their FIRST half marathons! Oh man the goosebumps! truly one of my favourite moments!  My all time favourite moment was after the race when Liz came over with her plate full of food and her eyes full of happy tears and then we all started crying!  A weekend of soul filling sisters.  

I trained HARD for this race, really hoping that I might be able to pull off a PR but the HEAT omg the HEAT got to me! It was truly the hardest half I have ever run.  I fell apart at the end and walked a lot.  I've never walked in a half before.  Proud that I still managed to squeak in under 2 hrs at 1:57:18 :) 

After a fun and restful weekend away it was time to get back to training and get ready for my first Duathlon! I had a lot of fun training for this race with my running buddy Rachael, we shared some great long rides and jello leg bricks together.  This was my favourite race of the year.  I loved how new it was, I loved the transition zone that made me feel like an athlete.  I know that sounds silly but it did.  The kids did a 2km race in the am, and then hung around to cheer me on.

this makes me all sorts of happy :) 
My Rachael :) oh how I miss our runs and chats and looking at your spit!  

I felt on fire in the 5km, got caught up in the excitement and instead of easing into the race  gave the 5km my all! 24:20....oops :)  I felt that later :)
The bike was my favourite part of the race! I felt like I was flying, I pushed really hard and gave it my all.  I  was so scared going around the corners at the turn around points, and had to unclip one foot each time just in case!  My legs were dead at the end! I have to say that 10km run after was gruelling! and to do 4 loops sucked! I am so thankful my kids were there high giving me at each turn! I can not imagine running a half let alone a full marathon after a bike! WOW 
Got to love small races where you place FIRST in your category and THIRD overall in  your gender :) makes you feel like a super star!
So as you can see there have been many Fit Feats but what about the WICKED TREATS?  We started our amazing summer off early in Norland and carried on all summer with many weekends spent with my family.  Norland summers can be summed up by boating, wake boarding, boat drinks, dock sitting, camp fires and most of all FAMILY.  

So many amazing memories made this summer, our best summer yet! 
Even I got up for about 30 sec's! 
We also spent many a weekend with our camping buds the Jenn/Darryls and even ventured into the sweet life of Trailer Living! 

Nothing like sitting in the lake, waves lapping on your legs chatting away with your girlfriend :) 

So many more adventures to come in this baby :) 
We were very blessed this year and treated ourselves to a membership at a local outdoor pool.  The girls spent so much time in the water this year.  Kasey literally became a little mermaid.

It was a crazy summer and we were away SIX WEEKEND IN A ROW from the start of the summer with trips to Norland, Camping and a week's rental at Sandbanks Summer Village! And with all that fun I took my bike with me everywhere!
she's a beauty 
I managed to keep up with my Half Iron Duathlon training despite all the fun we were having.  I trained HARD!!! and I partied hard!  I had the fluff to go with it :) I might not have always been able to follow my plan perfectly but I did my best and I was getting in long long rides, and hard runs.  I would get up early and do my best to get the training out of the way so that I wouldn't miss out on the fun with my family and friends.

It was all worth it when I got to enjoy views like this!  I was certainly in my happy place :) 
The ride I am most proud of was doing just over 100KM's (109 I think?) with my friend Josee.  We tackled this ride together, cheering each other on, encouraging each other, and near the end moaning and grumping together as we struggled to keep pushing.  My ass felt like it melted over the seat at one point!
This curly girl got me through my nerves and anxiety and helped me push outside my comfort zone! 
It was right after that ride that we headed to Sandbanks to for a week and I forgot my running shoes! I had never done that before! I ended up taking a week off of running for the first time in years! It was the first of a series of eye openers that told me that I had burnt myself out.  Run's ending in pain limping.  No longer finding any joy in the things that I once loved.  I ended up making a very hard decision and for the first time ever, didn't follow through on a race I had signed up for.  I backed out of the Half Iron Duathlon and it was like a huge weight was lifted.  I joined the Athelctic Club and made my mission having fun!  I started taking classes again.  I still had the Army Run Half Marathon to do but I wasn't training HARD for it.  I didn't do speed, tempo or hill work. I figured my Half Iron training had left me with enough fitness to get me through.  I have to admit as the race came closer I was DREADING IT! I even thought about not doing it.  But I sucked it up and went in with the attitude of just having fun!
still managed to just squeak in under 2hrs at 1:58:58 :) 
After the Army Run, it was truly time to just let go and have fun.  We headed to Las Vegas with our good friends and got CLASSY/MESSY for 4 days!
Oh Yeah!! 
Seriously living it up with my girl Laura! 

drunken 2am getting my awkward dance on! 
Oh Vegas! you were so naughty :) I will admit by day 4, I was done and very anxious to get home to clean Barrhaven and my girls.  Once home I continued on my journey of letting go and rediscovering my joy.

let it go 
I took my time healing so to speak.  I didn't put any pressure on myself to sign up for any races in the new year.  I slowly got back into running, even leaving my garmin at home.  I took my time and let my body and mind rediscover my love of running.  Then when my heart was ready I took the plunge and registered for the Ottawa Marathon.  I am both excited and nervous, but I have something going into this race that I have not had before.  I am at peace with myself (mostly lol).  There is no pressure and I am going to just do my best and truly enjoy the journey.  

As a final fun :)  I had a lot of fun dressing up this year!  Despite living in workout clothes and leggings and rarely doing my hair or make up, I really do love to get girly! I had lots of fun dressing up this year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

26.2 Again

It's been a while since I've blogged, truthfully, I was feeling a little burnt out.  Not from blogging of course but from trying to push for bigger and better all the time.  I had lost the fun.  I stopped enjoying the thing that has brought me so much joy since starting this fitness journey.  So this summer after running the Army Run I decided to take a break from running.  This summer on vacation, when I forgot my running shoes and took my first week off in 4 years was a bit of an eye opener.  So I decided to go on a Mission: Operation Find the Fun Again!  I joined The Athletic Club in Kanata as a treat just for me.  Instead of waiting for a year for it to open in Barrhaven.  During my orientation when they asked me what my goals were, I said to HAVE FUN!  I started doing classes again, something I usually didn't have time for in my training plan or was to afraid of hurting myself to do.  I started going to an Anti Gravity Yoga Class and letting go literally!  I started doing a barre inspired class and even the occasional TRX class too.

First day at GL May 2010 and First day at TAC Aug 2014, despite the physical differences both these pictures have the same inter excitement at all the possibilities ahead! 
Along with playing and enjoying classes again, I decided to start a strength training program and really give strength training my focus.  After a summer of biking and running for very long distances my body was in dire need of getting strong and building muscle again.  When I started my hamstrings were so weak that a regular body weight bridge was difficult.  Now I'm loading up the bar from the squat rack and doing hip thrusters!  I had forgotten how motivating it was to focus on strength and to see gains week after week.  Where as with running I feel like my pace is now my pace, I don't seem to be getting any faster LOL :) Biking I saw myself get faster but again it was new.  

Aug to Sept, 14 pounds and 17.5 inches lost!  
I so enjoyed the rhythm of going to the gym and following a strength program, every now again I would look at the treadmill and feel a little sick to my stomach.  I was worried about spring and feeling like I needed to get back to running but the thought of doing so filled me with dread.  So I told myself that I didn't even need to think about it till December.  I took the anxiety and pressure off my plate and when I did a funny thing happened.  I found myself in November wanting, actually wanting, to go out for a run.  I wasn't running much maybe once a week, and when I went I would leave my garmin at home.  I felt like I needed to reconnect with my inner runner, and rediscover why I loved it.   It worked, and I found myself enjoying the run with JOY!  It had been so long since I had enjoyed a run without a negative inner dialogue.  I still wasn't quite ready to make the big decision yet though.  Would I do a half or a full in the spring?  If I was going to run a marathon in 2015 it had to be spring because I was not spending another summer  training for a big race.  I fully plan on enjoying our new trailer and summer adventures this year without the stress of a training plan.  I won't be inactive by any means, I will travel with my bike and running shoes but will go as far as my heart desires and not because I HAVE TO.  BUT a spring MARATHON, means WINTER training!  Last winter I barely ran outside in the cold/snow at all! You can get away with that with a half.  Training for my first and 2nd marathon, two winters in a row did me in.  It made me hate winter.  So despite feeling the joy and urge to run come back, I wasn't feeling very motivated to sign up for a FULL.  So I said, just wait, just see how you feel. 

now let's just double that and we are back in the game! 
Then one day I went out for a long run, a 10 miler, and I came home riding the high! I knew then, that I was back, that it was time.  The credit card came out and  I registered for the May Race Weekend Full Marathon.  This was the race where my life long dream of running a Marathon came true.  This is the race I ran crying almost all the way, and listing to little messages from girls cheering me on.  This was my best race ever! So I kind of feel that it's fitting to be going back now, feeling renewed.  

I dare say I"m actually enjoying my winter runs so far, mind you that might change when the -20 hits lol
My plan for this Marathon, is to recreate the feeling I had during the first one.  I trained hard but didn't really have any expectations for time.  My goal is to run happy and with as much JOY as I can.  It's a blessing to be able to do this and I don't want to take that for granted.  

I also plan on blogging the journey, I'm hoping it will help me stay focused on the joy part and away from the garmin stats LOL.   

So here's comes Marathon number FIVE! EEEEEEEEEEEEE

PS. Discovered this magic sauce while making bacon roll ups with friend last night and I am already dreaming about a grill cheese sammie slathered in that sauce after a 20 miler!  Almost makes me WANT to run it :) LOL. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rest and Re-set

Happy 19km run in Hilly Norland

It's amazing how much better I feel since letting go of the Half Iron Du.  I literally feel as though a big weight has lifted off my shoulders, and the shadow has passed.  This past weekend I took a full rest day on Friday and Saturday morning headed out to try a long run with new met pads in my shoes.  Given that I ended my run 12km on Thursday limping I wasn't sure how it would go.  GUESS WHAT?  I felt great! I felt better then great.  I enjoyed the first half immensely, I felt free! I tackled 3 huge hills and felt very strong going up them.  I have to say I think I like running hills!  Going down however is a different story, the impact get's to my knees and on the way home the impact of running down those 3 hills was getting to me.  I listened to my body and slowed down and even walked down some of the steep tilted hills.  Even with slowing down I ended with a great long run pace of 9:24 min/mile.  Best of all I enjoyed the run and felt good.  

Sunday was spent boating and I did a short 20 min PIYO strength workout on the dock by the water.    Later that day I even got over a huge fear of the water and actually gave a try at surfing.  

That's ME!!! that's really ME!!!!
Truthfully, I had been using the excuse of not wanting to get hurt before the race as an excuse to not try every time we went boating.  Not anymore, so I TRIED!  And man oh man it was fun!  I cried, laughed and sang!   

Monday I felt the familiar need to get a burn on, but I was feeling tired, we were packing up and had a long drive ahead so I took a REST DAY!  I took a rest day on a MONDAY!  I only did one long workout on the weekend!  

Tuesday the plan was to run, I likely "should" have done some speed work or a tempo run. Instead I ran as far as I wanted, and as fast I wanted and even checked out a new route!  It felt great and I ended up running 7km,  and at decent pace to boot.  Again, I ENJOYED IT! 

Today I had planned on hitting the gym, but wasn't feeling it.  So instead I rallied up some friends and we did PIYO in the park, it was fantastic.  I felt like I needed to do some cardio too, to get a spin class in or something like that.  Being so used to double workouts and a lot of cardio.  But I felt tired and reminded myself I let go of the race because I was feeling burnt out.  If I continue blazing on all burners I'm not going to re-charge.  So I let it go and was content with just the PIYO.  

Sporting some silly looking but I like them cute pig tails for piyo today 

I'm listening to my body and letting myself rest more.  I'm enjoying what I feel like doing from an exercise perspective and not following a specific training plan yet.  The focus right now, is re charging my batteries.  I'm also focusing on eating better and remembering what's like to eat when you haven't burned a ton of calories on a 2.5 hr workout 3 times a week training for a huge race.  I'm finding my happy balance again and it feels good.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Letting go and moving on

I cut my long run short today almost 12km into a 19km run, I started limping and I knew it was best to just stop.  I even called Ryan to come pick me up as I was about a 20 min walk from home.  It was a tough run, started off feeling achy all over, mentally wrestling the whole time, and then when my knee started hurting enough that I was limping I knew it was time to stop.

I thought I was in for a great, KILLER, training week.  I thought I rested last week on vacation when I forgot my running shoes. I took my first week off running since I started 4-5 years ago (lost count as to when I started lol).  I did 6 workouts on vacation, mostly short piyo which isn't very taxing.  I did 3 bike rides, but only 1-1.5hrs and overall the whole week was much less intense then normal.  I was coming off a 100km ride, maybe that impacted me more then I thought.

Last week was amazing, forgetting my running shoes was a blessing.  Not only did I not run, but I didn't worry about my training plan at all.  The mental freedom was delicious.  I worked out, based on how I felt.  Somedays a short 30 min piyo was all I did and that felt great.  Other days, it was a fast 1.5 hr bike ride.  I felt so good last week.  I felt rested.

This week I have dragged my but out of bed, slept in, and had to do my training runs on the dreadmill at the gym.  Every "planned training workout" has felt like a chore.  Even the piyo I had been loving became too much, I didn't have the energy to tack it onto a run.

Mentally, my head is not in the game.  This half iron Duathlon at the end of August, has become a shadow :(   I wrote recently about giving myself permission to not do the race, and it's been on my mind a lot this week.  Yet I'm afraid to say it out loud and truly quit and give up. I've never done that. I ran my second marathon with an IT band injury and a lot of pain, I ran my 3rd Marathon limping the last 7 miles.  I've never given up.  I've never not followed through on a race.

But I'm tired.  I have had such an incredible summer with my family and friends.  I'm enjoying my kids so much and this sweet age that they are in.  On a bike ride last week,  I told myself that next summer I would not train for any BIG races.  I would enjoy the summer with my family and not worry about when to fit in the BIG workouts.  I like the half marathon and OLY distances they are much more manageable.  The winters are so soul sucking and long and I want to enjoy this as much as possible.

Maybe my mind is catching up with my body, or body is making the decision for me.  But, my feet are so sore it has hurt to walk this week.  An old recurring foot pain has been bothering me for two weeks.  My knees have been tender on all 3 runs this week and I've been limping here and there.  I feel beat up.

So I'm saying it here, I'm saying it out loud.  I am not going to do the half iron Du. I am letting it go and moving on.  I'm going to bike and run as I please, and piyo my heart out :)  I'm going to rest and feel better.  I"m still going to do the Army Run in Sept, but as a fun run.  I am not going to train to PB, just train to run it and enjoy it.

This long weekend I will take my bike and enjoy the Norland roads, and maybe run if I feel well.  No BRICK workout, No LONG ASS RIDE, No long run ...all sandwiched together.

When we go camping in two weeks with friends I won't be stressing the up coming race, but instead fully engaged with my family and friends.

The year may not be turning out exactly as I planned, but I am still really really proud of doing my first Olympic Duathlon, running a sub 2hr HOTTER THEN HADES Half in Pelee, doing a 70km and 100km group ride, and most of all I am really really proud of letting this go.

I think this decision is a sign that I am finding balance on this journey to health and happiness.  In the past I would have needed to do this race to feel worthy, to feel good about myself.  But I am much more confident in my skin and in this happy little life of my mine.  My kids will be really really happy because as much as it's "inspiring" to see mom at a race, my being gone for 2+hrs  3 days a week on top of the other workouts does make them sad.

So letting it go, moving forward, and resting tomorrow :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The tricks the scale, pictures, bad lighting and fleshy white bellies play on us

First day of Piyo, an "easy 9km" run, and lower and upper body piyo

I like keeping it real on my blog, sharing the real in and outs, the flabby under arm skin, the marathon sharts and all.  It's an on going journey/battle to feel good about yourself, to feel good in your skin.  I find I am constantly checking in and seeing if I need to tweak things to maintain my own happy balance.  By happy balance, I mean looking and feeling good in my body, enjoying life in this fit body and having my wine and choc! All while running and sweating up a storm because that's what I like to do.

Recently I purchased Beachbody's PIYO program.  I am certified to teach the LIVE class but haven't really followed through with that.  I do love the workouts though and thought this would be a great option for my strength work during the summer while the kids are home.  I don't like dragging the WHINE TRAIN to the gym.   My plan is to do PIYO for my strength for a month and see how it goes.  I had been getting in 2-3, 20-30 min strength sessions a week and I hope that PIYO will up that commitment to strength training, while balancing and strengthening my RUNNING and BIKING Machine.  I don't know if I can pull of 6 days a week with all the other stuff I do but 4 would be nice.

I'm hoping to see some changes in my body with the PIYO, as many indulgent weekends away are catching up on me and I need to tweak that "balance" again.  (note: not following the nutrition part of the program as it's not enough for my training)

So as part of the PIYO program they have this thing where if you send in your BEFORE and AFTER pics you can get a sweet free TEE.  I like FREE.  So I took the pics.

OMG! Those pictures are sooooo not flattering!! Now most of you know I take a lot of pics of myself in my workout gear.  I've been doing it since day one at the gym.  I had even given up using the scale for a bit and was using the pictures as my guide.  I feel good when I see my fit self in my workout gear.  I don't always feel good when I step on the scale.  So I didn't expect to be horrified by these pics.  I will admit I wasn't holding my core at all, didn't use my usual "good pose" etc.  So these are not flattering! Want to see? LOL

These were taken on a Monday after a weekend camping! nuff said :) 
They aren't that bad, mostly I see a flabby middle aka the wine belly :) So shirt back on and away I go with my usual routine.  Training as I usually do except with the addition of PIYO, eating as I normally do (about 2100-2300 cal, only a lot "cleaner" during the week then the weekend) and 2 days later took these pics.

Fully admit the "core is on" but not sucking in for dear life :) wink 
I look at these pics, and think man I lost 10 pounds! I must have done a cleanse or pill or took a huge poo! NOPE.  2 days later, SAME WEIGHT!  But I'm in my favourite workout clothes, that flatter my body.  I'm feeling good, and it shows.  I don't walk around with my white belly showing :) maybe if I did and it got some sun I would feel better about it.  My point is that, we are all bombarded with BEFORE and AFTER IMAGES.  We see adds for quick fixes.  We see programs that promise results.  Not to say that doing those (and I fully do expect PIYO to help change my body a bit, certainly to strengthen it and make it more flexible) won't deliver some sort of result.  But before you leap into buying that promise.  Before you let your pictures, or mental picture of yourself make you feel badly.  Truly take stock of your strengths.  Strong legs, blue eyes, endurance runner...whatever it is about yourself that makes you FEEL GOOD!  Take a "Selfie" in good light, in flattering clothes, and smile :)  Feel good in YOUR skin.  Your before and your after is uniquely yours and will not match the ads seen on TV.  Then if you want to add some strength or a nutritional program to your regime go for it.  Do what feels right for you, but don't be mislead.  Make it your own, modify it and make it fit your unique self.

Happy Hump Day :) 

My happy place, in my happy clothes, getting sweaty 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

To race or not to race?

For the first time since I started running and signing up for “races”  I am actually thinking about maybe not going through with one.  Part of me wonders whether I have the muster to do the Half Iron Du.  I know I can do the 2km run, and the 90km bike.   But the half marathon after? I know it would be HARD, really hard, and I likely could do it with a lot of mental will power.  But for the first time in a long time I’m truly questioning whether I want to.  

I’ve had this need to push myself to achieve big scary goals, to go long distances, and to up the ante so to speak over the last 2 years.  A full Marathon was amazing, but doing 3 in a 9 month period was even better!  If Im honest, I really craved pushing myself hard.  I also at the time needed the “big goals” to make sure that I took care of myself and treated my body well.  There was no way I was going to be ale to run a marathon if I was "dieting and being restrictive".  The marathons were my way of taking care of myself, in my own crazy extreme way.  Last year I “only” did three half marathons and a full marathon.  I focused on training for the May half and PR’d and then trained hard for the Full.  I had hoped to PR, but did break my downward spiral time wise and finished with one of my happiest finishes when I saw my kids at the finish line.  

This year I chose to not run a FULL marathon, something I struggled with, would I still be a marathoner if I didn’t run one this year? Instead I decided to try something new, the Duathlon.  In doing so I was taking a lot of pressure off myself, and getting back to the fun.  I can’t even begin to describe how much I love biking.  I did a 72km bike ride today and there is no way I would have enjoyed a 2.5 hr run as much as that!!  It was still challenging and hard, but when you get that downhill ride, the wind whistling in your ears, and your flying! Oh man what a feeling! or when your DRILLING It down the road, legs a fluid machine, the bike an extension of you, so AMAZING!  I do belief I even like panting out of breath at the top of the hill!  I did my first Duathlon event at the beginning of the month and loved it.  But man oh man that 10km run at the end was hard.  

So here’s the thing, we have a busy busy summer.  We aren’t even home 5 weekends in a row! The kids are home all summer so getting away to train means getting up early most mornings.  There is so much fun to be had and things to do with family and friends.   I’m worried I’m not going to be able to get all the training in to be able to do the Half Iron Du at the end of Aug.  I told myself this would be a “JUST TO FINISH” race.  So I’m ok if I have to modify some of the training to fit our summer plans.  I am ok with not having a “perfect training plan”.  

But even with that, with taking that pressure off, I find myself still questioning do I want to do this?  I’m totally serious, I don’t feel the USUAL drive to make this happen.  So I’m not making any decisions right now.  I’m going to wait and see how things go.  I have to say so far I am actually enjoying the training.  Last weekend we went on our first camping weekend of the summer.  I got up at 5am on the Friday to do my BRICK workout before Kasey’s Kinder concert.  Then I did my 2.5hr bike Sunday when we got home from camping, in the FULL HEAT of the late afternoon.  I tell you my motivation to do that one after a weekend of camping treats and wobbly pops was pretty low! But I did it.  This weekend we were in Norland with my sisters and crew.  I got up Friday am and did my Brick before we hit the boat for a day of sun and fun.  I rested all day Sat on the boat, soaking up the sun and sangria while watching my family kill the waves!  I started rehydrating after dinner and went to bed early so I could get up this am and bike 72KM!! It was a little rough getting up but once up all went well.  It was an amazing ride.  I”m really proud of myself for getting all that in while still having a lot of fun and enjoying myself.  

72km bike!!! Longest Distance yet by 2km :) 

Sangria girl!! 

So far so good, but what about when it get’s tough? How will next weekend at Sandbanks go? I do know I love endurance sports and running and biking are my “Happy Thing”.  I’m not likely to be taking any weekends off completely from working out.  I need my fix :) But somehow the thought  of taking a long run/bike at Sandbanks simply because I want to and going as far as I please seems more appealing then following a plan right now.  

Maybe I am being a baby and looking for excuses to not try?  Maybe I am just tired of always having a damn training plan or goal (which I do to myself).  Maybe I am JUST FREAKING SCARED? Maybe I’m scared of failing and it’s easier to just quit before hand?  I don’t know.  But this where I am right now.  

So I’m just going to keep going for now, do what I can, and see what happens.   

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I did it!!! OMG I did it!  I ran 5m, biked 44.4km, and ran 10km!

I went into this race with the attitude of giving it my best, and enjoying the experience.  I had signed up for the DU to change things up, to try something new, to get the FUN back.  I didn't put the usual pressure on myself like I do when running a race.  It was refreshing to say the least.

The morning started off with the girls running the 1km Wylie Ryan Race.  This was their first race running without mom and dad.  They loved that!  We took them to the start line and they promptly shooed us away.  I love that my race was late enough that I got to see my girls run, it was just the boost I needed.

My big girl, she ran with just ahead of her sister most of the time, and kept looking back to make sure she was ok

Curly kid just on the heels of her big sis 
I love this pic! Kasey in the finishers chute, drinking her Gatorade, and asking if she can eat a bagel (like she just ran a marathon lol). I love that they got to experience this race yesterday and soak up all the inspiration from all the athletes. It was so neat seeing people swim, paddle, bike and run. The girls even went out for breaky after their race with Daddy. They got the full race experience lol!

After the girls race I was left on my own, to set up my transition area and find my partner in crime Rachael.  Our race didn't start till 9:45 so we had lots of time to kill, and I'm thankful that we kept each other laughing instead of being nervous. 


The race breakdown

5km Run

The 5km was an out and back X2 with lots of grassy areas.  This part of the race was crowded as we were running with a 5km race and also meeting up with people on the run portion of their Tri's.  The running path was narrow which was a little annoying with so many people, but you make do.  My plan for the 5km was to run it easy maybe a 26-28min 5km.  Well, that didn't happen, I got caught up in the excitement and was chasing my friend Rachael's heels and did it in 24:20 (would have been a smidge faster too if I hadn't stopped and stood still asking for clarification on where to go at the end before crossing the mats lol).  

My friend Allyson snapped this pic :)  I look much stronger here then I do in the 10km run I bet :) LOL

44.4km Bike

I headed into the bike still high from such a fast 5km, I was both stoked and also praying it wouldn't come back to bite me in the bum.  I was lucky though, as this bike course had a 2km untimed portion in and back.  So I had time to recover before putting pedal to the metal!  In true Katie fashion I got lost going into the bike and missed the start line continuing on the path, only to double back and ask for help.  There was a moment there were I got really pissed thinking I had messed it all up and almost said FARK IT I'm quitting and going home.  Thankfully I didn't and since I hadn't crossed the timing mats yet, my bike portion was fine...I just started later.  I loved the bike part!  Lots of space to ride hard and fly.  The course was 4 loops, so 8 turnarounds.  The first two I unclipped and was really slow going around.  Then I told myself to grow a pair and BALLS UP! I stayed clipped in for the rest, and I'm really proud of that.  The bike went well until the last loop when my butt started to really hurt, my back started to ache, and my hamstring started to act up.  I thought I was done in, wouldn't be able to run.  I love how my mind goes to worst case scenario right away!  I came up to ride easy position to rest a bit, kept pushing the pedals, and pushed my way to the finish.  Luckily there was that 2km untimed piece again to recover before the 10km.  I took it easy and took some extra energy jubes and E-Load.  
10Km Run

This part was hard! It didn't take long for my legs to lose the wobbly feeling off the bike, usually about 400m, but my legs were heavy and tired.  I felt  like a lumbering elephant running.  I wasn't in any kind of pain, just really tired.  The 4 out and back loops were mental draining.  Each turnaround made me slow down and I felt it hard to pick my pace back up again.  Doing a turnaround by the finish line was a tease each time.  I swear if it was not for my kids high fiving me at each turnaround I would have quit.  I felt like quitting at 5km, I actually really thought about it!  

I did it!  My first Olympic Duathlon!!! 

Got to love to small races where you can place THIRD!! 

Next up....Half Iron Du training!  Which I am seriously beginning to question but I'm going to do my best and still find balance this summer to have fun.  I will keep you posted on how that goes :) 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

3 days till my first Duathalon

Seriously loving running in this new buff from Pelee Island, makes me feel bad ass

3 days till my first ever Duathalon and I am surprisingly calm about it.  No taper crazies, no second guessing my plan, not even freaking out about the potential of a tire blowing and I still don't know how to change it.  I think I feel calm about it because it's my FIRST and I really don't have any expectations.  I am truly going out to do my best and see what happens.  The bike part is a little bit out of my control.  I know people blow tires or chains come off.  My bike is in the shop right now getting a tune up to make sure it's in great condition.   But if I pop a tire I am screwed. As I still have not learned how to change it.  So if it happens, so be it.  My plan is to DNF and do my own Olympic the next weekend in Norland.  See no biggie :) Totally Zen Katie.  

I've trained for this event, and even did a smaller version of the race distance in Norland a few weeks back so I know I can do this!  I ran a hotter the HADES half marathon almost 2 weeks ago so I know I can manage the heat (just have to slow down).  But still it's a bit daunting when I put it all together.  In my mind it's a wee 5km run (no sweat), a 44km bike (been there done that many times and further), and a 10 km run (no probs) but add all that up and I will be on course for a least 3 hrs!  That's an hour more then a Hotter then Hades Half Marathon!  

What I am a bit nervous about is the idea of being on the bike with loads of other bikers around.  I'm really glad I did that 70km Cheo Ride before this.  Worst case I go slower because I am nervous, and well so be it.  I'm a little unsure how the transitions work but I will figure it out.  I'm really trying to embrace the idea of this "race" being an experience.  I have a fuelling plan and hope that helps with the empty tank feeling I have experienced of late.  I'm as ready as I can be at this point and I'm going to go and give it my best.  Truthfully, I think part of the reason I am so calm is that training for the half-iron distance doesn't get "real" till this race is over.  Now that is something that makes my tummy flutter, so much so that I have recently questioned my sanity.  

run, bike, run

let's do this! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Catch up Thursday

It's been awhile since I've blogged, so much training and sweating and LIVING this sweet sweaty life going on.  I leave bright and early tomorrow morning for an EPIC 4 day weekend away with 7 other girlfriends and NO HUBS, and NO KIDS!  Oh and I'm running my first Half Marathon of the year at a WINERY!  Going to be good.

So I thought I would do a little catch up post.

While my first half marathon is this weekend, the big heart pumper is that I do my first DUathalon in 3 weeks! On the May long weekend I did a practice mini "OLY" Du to see how it would feel.  I geared up and even put on my new bike jersey, which is really fitted and not like my usual bubble tops I like to work out in.  Looks great standing up, but bent over on a so much.  But hopefully I will be a blur and no one will notice :) I joke but it's a big deal for me to put on something like this and feel fairly confident and you know what I do feel fairly confident.  Do you know why? It's because I feel confident in what my body can do! vs. what it looks like, something I need to embrace more.

I ran 3.2km, biked 44.4,km and ran 6.4km and it was AWESOME!! I almost died on the hills but I did it!  My legs felt like rubber the last km of my run but I did it!  It was important for me to do this workout so I could have a good idea of what the actual Olympic will feel like. I think I'm ready. The best part is that there is no pressure for this race.  It's about getting used to the DU transitions in a race setting and trying something new.  

I'm enjoying biking a lot.  I actually look forward to my bike rides.  I can't say I look forward to a run and yet I love running.  But when running I am looking at my Garmin constantly and worried about my pace and pushing myself.  When I bike, I just ride.  It's freeing and fun, kind of like being a kid again.  Biking is challenging in a different way for me.  It's making me push past my comfort, exploring new routes and not sticking to the same old same old safe things.  Then there are the HILLS!  Biking is challenging me physically.  I get out of breath at the top of the hills gasping for air.  I don't gasp when I run, even when doing speed work (mmm maybe I should lol).  I can't dial my tension back on the hill like I can in a spin class.  I have had moments of panic approaching a hill where I have thought I can't do it, what if I slow down and fall?  I've come close to giving up before I start.  But I have always made it up, and sometimes I have cried after because I DID IT!!  

Beautiful Norland Road 
I'm enjoying life, I love training hard for a goal and I give it my all.  I am loving the time spent with my family and friends.  I'm really quite happy.  Part of that involves eating good food and drinking wine and celebrating with my family and friends.  My husband and I had a chat recently about weight and we both agreed.  We both work out really hard but we also really enjoy our wine and beer.  I know we could have "flatter, tighter" middles if we cleaned up our diet.  (note: we eat very healthy most of the time certainly that 80%) But we are happy and enjoying ourselves and don't want to change things.  We have made that decision.  So why oh why, did I step on the scale recently and and feel so utterly awful over a few pounds difference?  STUPID! 

I got mad at myself for feeling that way!  Just that week I had felt great about my body in my workout clothes, seeing my reflection in the gym mirror.  I have had some great accomplishments of recent in my training.  All that to say that a number on the scale almost crushed that! WHY? You would think I would have learned by now.  So I had a chat with myself.  What is important to me right now?  Training is important, meeting my race goals and enjoying and living my life with my family.  When my body is "less fluffily" and I am more focused on "clean eating" quite frankly I am grumpy, lack patience, much of my thoughts are focused on food.  I don't want that now.  So what if my middle is fluffy.  I'm ok with that.  So there it is, I need to to truly be ok with that and my choices and get back to feeling AWESOME! 

These peeps right here are what matter 
Speaking of awesome, this weekend I'm running my first Half Marathon of the year.  It's in Pelee Island and I am going on a road trip with 7 other girlfriends!!!!  Did I mention the race is being held by a winery???  So what's the plan?  HAVE FUN!  ENJOY myself!  I plan on running my best race that day what ever it may be, and then drinking a boat load of wine and celebrating with my friends.  Two of whom are running their FIRST HM's and two of whom have just run their first FULL marathons.  Plus there's a birthday in there too :)  So friendship, running, and wine :)  BRING IT ON!. 

So on that note I leave you with: