Thursday, December 26, 2013

End of the year wrap up and big goals for 2014

The year 2013 started off with a bang, literally FIREWORKS, Jan 14th in Disney running 42.2 km!

In 2013, I  ran 1061 miles or 1707km! (not too shabby considering I run 3 sometimes 4 days a week and have taken a running volume rest period since the October Marathon). I'm pretty proud of those miles, and let me tell you every time I drive down Woodroffe Ave, I do a small cringe.  

In those 1061 miles I ran:
2 Marathons
3 Half Marathons
a 5km and 18km race too.

 I ran fewer races this the year but focused in on two goals. I wanted to run a Personal Best at the Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon, and I did in 1:50:36!  I also wanted to run a PB at the Toronto Marathon in October.  But knowing that may not be the case, told myself that most importantly I wanted to run a HAPPY race, give it my best, and be happy no matter what.  I wanted to be proud of all the work and dedication that it took to get there.  I ran my best race that day, finished with tears of joy when I saw my family, and crossed in my second fastest time.  No regrets on that one.  

I learned a lot this year about myself and what I want from my running, racing and fitness goals.  As much as I want to push myself to achieve goals, I want to enjoy the journey there, and living this healthy fit blessed life with my family.  I want to find balance training for events and yet also enjoying weekends away and events with my family.  Which sometimes means altering my training plans for that weekend.  I've learned that I need to be kinder to my body, and that I need to rest more, cross train more, train smarter.  I've also learned that I need to be kinder to myself, and that come race day whatever the result I want to be proud because I worked hard to get there.  

So since running the TO Marathon, I've been on a running break.  I've been doing 1-2 runs a week, and not of much distance.  I haven't taken a significant break from running since I started 3 years ago.  It feels good!  I ran barefoot on the beach in Punta Cana recently and it felt amazing, I was flying.  I felt so fluid and fast.  I feel rested.  Now I haven't been slacking off in fact I've been working out hard cross training and literally spinning some ideas around in my head.  My fit friends are making plans for next year and are up to exciting adventures.  I've been battling with the idea of running another marathon but I have to be truthful I feel a little Marathon spent.  I did run 4 in two years...I know that's peanuts to some of my crazy friends, but man that's a lot!  BUT.... I still like the idea of a BIG SCARY MAKE YOU HEART THUMP type of goal.  

So today I hit the REGISTER BUTTON on.....

The Canadian, 113 IRON DUATHLON in August.  That's a 2km run, 90km bike, 21.2 km run! RUN. BIKE. RUN. 

To get ready for that I also registered for an Olympic Duathlon (5km run, 44.4 km bike, 10km run) in June.  Which is shortly after running a fun Half Marathon in Peele Island with a big group of girlfriends.  I love that I have a super fun weekend away run planned, mixing it up and adding the fun back into running.   The Olympic Duo is "do able" but still new to me and hence a butterfly dance party in the tummy.  The Half Iron Duo, on the other hand, is down right scary just like the Marathon was the first time.  I'm really excited to have a goal like that in front of me again.  Thump. thump. thump. 


  1. That, my friend, is freaking spectacular. I'm beaming over her because I know that whatever you put your mind to, you will succeed. :-)

    1. Thank-you Josee :) I'm really excited for you this year too, here's to a wicked 2014!

  2. Omgosh Katie I'm SOOO excited for you!!!!! What a fabulous goal for 2014 after a killer year (and mileage!!!) in 2013. Can't wait to keep up with your training and cheer you along the way. Congrats on a great year - especially the PR - and can't wait for the fun ahead!

    1. Thank-you :) :) you know how much I admire you so thank-you :)