Friday, December 27, 2013

An Experiment: Ditch the Scale and Put on the Jeans

Another beautiful and merry Christmas has passed and a new year is quickly approaching.  I for one have really enjoyed the last week of relaxing some of my "eating ways" indulging in more wine and treats.  I haven't gotten on a scale every morning.  I haven't logged onto My Fitness Pal every day.  I've been happy and mostly carefree.  I haven't thought about food all the time.  I have been present with my friends and family celebrating and enjoying myself.  But the magic of Christmas is slipping away and old thoughts are creeping in.  Already my news feed is full of diet plans and resolutions to lose weight. Last night after a delicious Christmas dinner and dessert I found myself thinking tomorrow back on track!

Frankly, I'm tired of it.  I'm tired of getting on the scale each morning.  I am tired of logging into My Fitness Pal each day and logging food while I eat it.  I slipped back into more rigid ways of thinking and eating before going on vacation and I don't like how it made me me feel.  I worked hard last year trying to explore intuitive eating and finding a healthy balance.  I want to find my way back to that place.

So I'm contemplating an experiment.  I've been thinking about it a lot.  It scares me.  Which I think means I need to do it as my friend Jay would say.  I am going to start with one month and see how it goes. 

For the month of January I am going to stay off the scale.  I am NOT going to use MFP to count and track everything I eat.  Instead I will use my favourite new jeans I bought at Christmas and wore to some parties as my measure.  I will try them on and as long as they keep fitting I will know I am on the right track.  I will eat to nourish my body, but won't fret each morsel.  I know what my body needs and what makes it run well (literally).  

By doing this, I am going to free up all sorts of space in my head to think about other things!!  Instead of figuring out how much protein is in my next meal, I can be more present in my life.  I will pay attention when my curly kid is showing me a picture she drew.  I will spend more time doing the things I love like scrapbooking instead of going to bed early because I am afraid I will get hungry.

The experiment scares me because getting on the scale each morning makes me feel in control.  Somehow that number on the scale makes me feel in control of all the other things in my life.  But the truth of the matter is that it is just a number.  Earlier on this year I went through a period of really trying to explore intuitive eating.  It wasn't easy but I found myself feeling "lighter" in my mind and spirit.  I was happier and had so much more of "me" to give others (especially my family).

Recently I spent  the most amazing, magical, wonderful week with my family in Punta Cana!  I disconnected from world and reconnected with my family.  I was 100% present and in the moment.  We swam with dolphins and sharks, collected sea shells, lazed in the sun, floated in the ocean, laughed, ate and drank.  It felt so good to let go.  I ate what I wanted, mostly stopped when full because I knew if I wanted more I could have it. I enjoyed every bite.  I think I had rice with every meal when there! LOL.  I "worked out" 4 times while I was there (each time under 30 min).  I went running barefoot on the beach because I wanted to.  I didn't wear a garmin, I stopped and picked sea shells.  I ran as fast or slow as I felt.  It was heaven!  I didn't even listen to music instead I listened to the ocean.  On the plane home, I thought I need to keep this feeling.  I need to remember to exercise because I want to, to do what I love.  I need to eat with pleasure and until satisfied. Most of all I want to stay connected to my family and enjoy the moments.  I am so blessed and it's a shameful waste to let those moments slip away worrying about how much I weigh, or what size my pants are.

I cried when I first saw the Dolphin, it was just so surreal!  I was also in total "mother" over drive and holding on to Kasey with an iron grip lol

morning workout on the beach, best gym ever!

Relaxing with my little mermaids, feeling so very content

mmm dessert, no I didn't eat all that...but I sampled them till I found the ones I liked and gobbled those up 
As I write this I am even questioning whether my silly experiment is that important.  So you get off the scale, you put on the jeans each day?  What if they start to feel tight? Then what?  Quite frankly they are already a wee bit snugger after the Christmas Holiday Celebrations.  Should I panic? Should I cut back on the carbs?  Oh wait I had homemade biscotti with my coffee this am :)  No, it's ok.  

I'm going to: 


  1. You ditching the scale right now is a sign that you're putting on the next level of big girl panties. I'm backing you on this. The truth is, with or without the scale, you are still in control. The scale simply acts as a safety net for comfort's sake. You can walk the "tight rope" without the net. Flaunt those jeans, baby.

    1. thank-you, I admire you so much, taking the time to comment on here always makes me smile :)