Thursday, November 28, 2013

Got my knickers in a knot

I've got my knickers in a knot! It started innocently watching a Youtube video on common mistakes people make at the gym (I won't post the link, because the video was posted by a blog that I normally quite like) The video started off well with some good tips. Then they started to talk about how you shouldn't spend your time on the treadmill (or other cardio equipment) and expect to lose weight. They went on to say that unless your training for a "marathon" or a long distance event your time is better spent elsewhere. They briefly talked about running and racing and how it isn't effective for weight loss. This is where my knickers get knotted up. I guess I missed the part where the video was going to be about weight loss. I mistakingly assumed it was about getting fit and healthy and mistakes made at the gym in reaching those goals. Is WEIGHT LOSS our primary goal in exercising? I pray that it isn't. I don't run to lose weight. I run because it makes me feel alive. I run because it fills me with endorphins and makes me happy. I run because it makes me a more patient mother. I run because it has taught me I can do anything I set my mind too. Running has lowered my resting heart rate, made my heart stronger, my lungs more powerful, and my mind stronger. I exercise for all of these reasons. Is strength training important? Absolutely! But so is flexibility, agility, and cardiovascular fitness. Yes I exercise to help maintain my weight and yes even lose weight at times. But it is far from my primary motivation for exercising. So please find what YOU LOVE TO DO (swim, dance, run, lift, crossfit...) and do it! Do it because it makes you feel good. Don't feel like your doing something wrong or wasting your time. Also for the record, I lost 50 pounds at the beginning of my journey on virtually a CARDIO only regime. Move, Breathe, Eat and Be Happy.

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