Monday, July 15, 2013

Vacation Creed

The kids and I last year in New Hampshire hiking up to Diana's Bath
We are heading back to Attitash in New Hampshire.  Its my childhood vacation spot and one we recreated the family vacation tradition at for our little family last year.  Let me tell you it was the BEST vacation yet.  Our first time really realizing that we have hit that sweet stage with the kids were we can do things we like too! LOL.  

So before we pack up, I wanted to declare my intentions this vacation for myself:

  • I will be present and in the moment, fully engaged 
  • I will play and explore with the kids and be a big kid myself
  • I will run in the beautiful mountains and trails and not worry about following my Marathon Training plan this week, but I will run and enjoy the blessing of the surroundings
  • This will be an active vacation, but not in a formal workout way.  
  • I will eat and enjoy my fav foods and wine, but I will honour the feeling of being full
  • I will not worry or stress I will let go and just be
  • We will create amazing memories this week 

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