Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Long Run Aftermath

Me very sweaty and needing someone to undo my shoes for me (can't bend over) after my 24.14km run this AM.  In this heat that extra .14 is a big deal. 

I had forgotten what it feels like to be training for a Marathon, maybe I forgot on purpose so I would do another one.  I'm two long slow runs into my plan (21km last weekend and 24th this weekend) and let me tell you the POST LONG RUN WALL is in full effect.  Getting out the door is a feat.  I was nervous last night about today's run, nervous about the distance (24km used to be where I would hit the wall of pain in my quads) and nervous about the heat.  This morning I did not, may I repeat DID NOT want to get out of bed to fuel and get ready to run in the crazy heat for over two hours.  But once out there I have to admit I was in my zone and I really enjoyed myself.  It wasn't a walk in the park by any means but I it was a good run.

But once your home, once you stop moving for even just a second...OMG.  Let me tell you a little about my post long run aftermath:

  • I have a hard time bending over to undo my shoes, usually Ryan or Kay will help me
  • I ran out of water 3/4 a mile from home, all I thought about was water...I stood over the sink like I crazed woman and guzzled back two huge glasses
  • I know I need to stretch, but all I want to do is sit on the couch with a cup of coffee as I only had time for one that am, and upload my Garmin data and post my run on Daily Mile....because you know that stuff is important !
  • Despite my desire to be lazy I make it upstairs and turn the bath on and start filling it up with just cold water, while I stretch.  I am the Queen of stretching while checking FB on my phone. 
  • Into the COLD COLD bath...OMG its cold..I can't believe people do this with ice!  I always have to pee once I get in....then all I can think about is how cold I am and having to pee...its torture. 
  • Sometimes I drink my post run recovery shake in the tub.   I do oatmeal, protein powder, banana, PB, chia seeds and almond milk.  
  • Out of the tub and into my PJ's and bath robe to warm up.  By now I am hobbling down the stairs stiff all over..its feat to get down the stairs.  
  • Now its time for sitting on the couch with my coffee, bags of ice for my knees and feet, and my GARMIN
  • only my Garmin sucks balls and won't upload data unless the planets are aligned properly.  
  • My children want lunch...I can't move...I give Ryan the look of desperation and he comes to the rescue. 
  • Eventually I have to get up and make myself something to eat, my tummy rumbling.  
  • After lunch I know I have to get back to the land of the living and do something, most importantly something with my kids.  I've been gone or out of commission since 8:00am.  But man its so hard to move, and I am tired.  Normally I take them to the park where I can relax on the park bench and read.  I am trying not to turn into a lazy lump on my long run days, but its hard.  Today I had no choice, I had a vacation to pack for, errands to do, and kids to entertain. My knees feel it I tell you and my feet.  I don't feel the least bit guilty right now sitting with my feet up and relaxing.  
  • oh and I have a very serious NEED for Ju Jubes on these days :) :)  did I mention one of my errands was a trip to the Bulk Barn?
  • and I guess I should get on that foam roller soon. 

Next stop New Hampshire! I can't wait to run in the beautiful mountains.  


  1. I love reading about everyone's pre and post run rituals. I love that yours includes jujubes. :) As you know, I don't really have one. Lol I eat, I shower...that's about it. I'm super duper impressed at your endurance and that you got out there and ran 2 HOURS in this heat. I went at 930-11am and wanted to die. It was NOT pleasant. I guess I'll see what rituals I get once I hit that 21k distance!!! Scary times! :) Have an amazing vacation!!!!!! Enjoy your hilly runs!

    1. Well I know I need to drill the stretching ritual into you Miss Red :) wink wink I'm excited for you, its a scary kind of butterfly dance party but you will do it.