Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer: oh that laid back feeling

Summer is here and man oh man my house is a relax and chill zone.  When school was on, I was up at 5:30 am every morning either training a client or naturally awake myself and fighting to go back to sleep.  Since Summer Vacation has hit and I no longer have to get up to train and the kids are staying up later and sleeping in, I am getting up at 7:30 am folks! It doesn't sound like much but you have no idea how good it feels to sleep in that late.  Many a morning I am actually having to go and wake my youngest up at 8:30!  This is unheard of I tell you.  So needless to say we have been spending our mornings enjoying quiet time in our PJ's and slowly making our way to the gym or out for fun activities.

Summer morning fun, waffles and berries, ipad movie, and blanket fort 

Having the kids home all day, presents a small challenge in getting my workouts in.  I am trying to limit the amount of time that I drag them to the gym with me (they don't seem to mind it much but everyday would wear on them soon and also for the cost).  I can do my strength training at home easily with my TRX, KB's and even have some sweaty play dates planned with friends.  But what I really need is to get back into the swing of getting up early and head out for my runs or bikes before the house wakes and the heat hits (7 mile tempo run in the heat this evening was not smart).

So the workouts are happening, even have my first week of Marathon training down in the books!  It's just been a bit of an adjustment in routine and how they are happening.  I also find myself relaxing in the food department.  About two months ago I had gone back to using My Fitness Pal to track my nutrition to help me be more aware of what I was eating.  It worked well, I did it for about a month or so.  I was eating about 2300-2400 cals or so a day (much more on long run days).  Most of what I was eating fell into the whole foods/healthy category and the other 20ish% into the more 'treat' like category. Ok truthfully my 20% really seemed to be the weekend when I indulged in my favourite bottle of vino and a dinner out.   I've been off MFP for a few weeks.  I'm trying again to just be more intuitive.  Using MFP for that month or so gave me a good idea of what I need to be eating to feel good.  I will admit that when using it I was much less likely to snack on things like jube jubes (why did I buy a big bag yesterday?) etc. But I also feel tired again of always choosing the 'healthiest' option I feel like I need a little ice cream in my life.  I'm feeling much more relaxed about food, less rigid, almost zen like.  A lot of my current attitude is thanks to this woman's blog! and a group called EAT THE FOOD.  My mood in general right now seems much more balanced.  Even with my training for this next Marathon I have for the moment decided to let go of a time goal and just train and see what happens.  I haven't stepped on the scale in awhile and I am ok with that.  I'm even ok with my little belly roll, pouch.

Being happy, living in the moment, and playing with the kids. 
We are going on vacation next week, back to New Hampshire.  I am so looking forward to running in the mountains, hitting the trails, hiking, swimming, doing roller coasters, playing, laughing, eating, and drinking my beloved wine.  We had such an amazing time last year, I can't wait to do it all again with the family this year.  I likely will gain some weight, I did last year.  I'm ok with that.  That's life.  
And you know what I am living one sweet sweaty awesome life! 

A impromptu picnic at the beach for dinner with the kids, a healthy dinner of  Farm Boy salad filled to the brim with wholesome goodness and then JUBES for dessert :) why not?  

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  1. I loved this. Life changes, summer is different from winter, is different from spring and summer. I love your ability to adapt to it, and make the most fun out of everything you do. Getting out there and enjoying your family, doing fun, active, summery things together is just as important as your marathon training. You are an awesome mom, an inspiring athlete and just thinking of you and all you do makes me smile.