Thursday, July 25, 2013

Proof of change

What your about to read may be shocking....
I've been home from our NH vacation for two days.  I haven't begun a "diet", I haven't started a let's get back on track, I haven't panicked about gaining a few pounds on vacation, I don't feel fat.  

Seriously this is huge!  I throughly enjoyed my vacation.  I enjoyed many many delicious beers, relaxing and maxing, delicious dinners that included fries and dessert.  My goodness on our drive home we ate dinner at A&W! My husband was in shock, he couldn't believe I actually wanted to eat there. In fact as we pulled in he said there's a subway next door in case you change your mind.  I haven't eaten a fast food burger in a very very long time I guess.  It was a good choice actually, a spicy guacamole Teen Burger and Sweet Potato fries it was DAMN GOOD! I enjoyed every bite.  Now I don't want to mislead you my vacation wasn't totally filled with food and beer.  We were very active, and we ate plenty of really healthy food too.  It was a perfect balance and I felt happy.  

But usually after getting home and returning to the daily grind, I get on the scale and panic at a few pounds gained (beer bloat and period?) and immediately become restrictive with my eating and start that 'diet mentality'.  Not this time.  I feel good.  I feel happy.  I've made a point of making some really nutritious food to make sure my body has the fuel it needs for my Marathon Training and active healthy life.   Things like:

Coconut Chicken, with Kale, and Black and White Quinoa

White Bean herb dip

Raspberries, Almonds, Kale, Quinoa, and Pumpkin Seeds
I've been conscious about the quality of food I'm eating but not the calorie count ( I had a giant plate and seconds of that Coconut dish!)   I've also enjoyed some sweets.  My mind is not focused on food.  Maybe it helps that my nieces are here and we are having a ton of fun doing things.  Way to busy to be worried about weight etc.  But folks I feel like I've had another "CLICK" on this Healthy Lifestyle Journey.  

A great big CLICK! 


  1. that is awesome Katie, and I love that photo!

  2. Eating whole, real foods really helps my mind and body feel great. I applaud you for taking effective actions to feel better. Love it. Glad you hear the clicks.

  3. Could you pass along the chicken, coconut recipie? It looks really good. Thanks!