Saturday, July 20, 2013

Interrupting my awesome vacation to worry about the Toronto Marathon

It's 7am, and I am lying in bed with a coffee and Baily's (I am on vacation you know).  I should be thinking about the fun day ahead but instead I am icing my foot and worrying.  I am GUN SHY about the Toronto Marathon in October.  Last year I hurt myself, I struggled with knee pain (unable to bend my knee at times in pain, due mostly to IT Band issues).  The big painful event last year just happened to happen when we got home from New Hampshire, after a week of running the hills here.  We got home and I attempted a 20 mile run the next day that ended with me hobbling home at 18 miles.  That weekend (labour day) I could not bend my knee without a lot of pain.  I called the Active Health Institute on the way to the cottage crying and set up a Physical Therapy Appointment.  This should all be old news, much has changed since then, my stride, my shoes etc.

The view of the mountains on my run, its so beautiful here, its very hard to not run

BUT here I am in New Hampshire, and the first day here I ran my favourite GIANT ARSE hill two times (about two miles of steep up hill). I also had to come DOWN that grade.  I was smart I mostly walked it.  I got in the cold pool right after and stretched really well.  That same day I went on a Bungee Trampoline thing twice, bounding hard up and down...a lot of flexion on my ankle.
I worked up a good sweat on this thing! It was a lot of fun
Worked out boot camp style the next day...including 50 box jumps and a trail run.

By Thursday my ankle and foot were sore.  I took a Rest day Thursday (other then a small hike and climb in the waterfalls with the kids but it felt great).

That night on the way to the pool my knee hurt.  Cue full panic mode (I feel like every ache and pain sends me into worse case scenario).  I stretched  more by the pool.  I pulled out the yoga poses and stretched.  I was tight, really tight.  I stretched more before bed.  The next morning I had my sprint work to do.  I felt good when I woke up.  I told myself that I would do a half mile warm and if I felt good would go ahead with the 6x1km sprint workout.  I did feel good and I felt great through out the workout.  Huge sigh of relief.  I then spent that whole day in the heat on my feet at an amusement park.  By the end of the day the top of my foot was sore again in it's usual spot.  I iced it that night. It feels better this am.

So here's the inventory, I have had nagging issues with my foot for over a year now.  It always feels better after rest.  But with my training ramping up, taking rest isn't always easy to do.  Will the increased stress from all the distance make this worse?  I think its time to see someone about my foot and make sure I don't hurt it more.  Also now that I am officially in training I need to become even more diligent and through with my stretching, yoga, foam rolling and seeing my RMT.

So today's a rest day, I am on vacation, I will rest today.  We are shopping today and going to an outdoor concert this afternoon.  We have pool time planned and I plan on stretching in the cool water.  I have my long run in the am.  I need to rest today for that.  I'm not doing my planned distance, I'm afraid to run that far here in unfamiliar territory. So I'm thinking 8-10 miles.  I'm ahead of my plan a bit anyway.  Crossing my fingers that I make it to Toronto Injury Free.

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  1. you are wayyy overdue to get that foot look at. Please, please do it.