Thursday, July 25, 2013

Proof of change

What your about to read may be shocking....
I've been home from our NH vacation for two days.  I haven't begun a "diet", I haven't started a let's get back on track, I haven't panicked about gaining a few pounds on vacation, I don't feel fat.  

Seriously this is huge!  I throughly enjoyed my vacation.  I enjoyed many many delicious beers, relaxing and maxing, delicious dinners that included fries and dessert.  My goodness on our drive home we ate dinner at A&W! My husband was in shock, he couldn't believe I actually wanted to eat there. In fact as we pulled in he said there's a subway next door in case you change your mind.  I haven't eaten a fast food burger in a very very long time I guess.  It was a good choice actually, a spicy guacamole Teen Burger and Sweet Potato fries it was DAMN GOOD! I enjoyed every bite.  Now I don't want to mislead you my vacation wasn't totally filled with food and beer.  We were very active, and we ate plenty of really healthy food too.  It was a perfect balance and I felt happy.  

But usually after getting home and returning to the daily grind, I get on the scale and panic at a few pounds gained (beer bloat and period?) and immediately become restrictive with my eating and start that 'diet mentality'.  Not this time.  I feel good.  I feel happy.  I've made a point of making some really nutritious food to make sure my body has the fuel it needs for my Marathon Training and active healthy life.   Things like:

Coconut Chicken, with Kale, and Black and White Quinoa

White Bean herb dip

Raspberries, Almonds, Kale, Quinoa, and Pumpkin Seeds
I've been conscious about the quality of food I'm eating but not the calorie count ( I had a giant plate and seconds of that Coconut dish!)   I've also enjoyed some sweets.  My mind is not focused on food.  Maybe it helps that my nieces are here and we are having a ton of fun doing things.  Way to busy to be worried about weight etc.  But folks I feel like I've had another "CLICK" on this Healthy Lifestyle Journey.  

A great big CLICK! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Interrupting my awesome vacation to worry about the Toronto Marathon

It's 7am, and I am lying in bed with a coffee and Baily's (I am on vacation you know).  I should be thinking about the fun day ahead but instead I am icing my foot and worrying.  I am GUN SHY about the Toronto Marathon in October.  Last year I hurt myself, I struggled with knee pain (unable to bend my knee at times in pain, due mostly to IT Band issues).  The big painful event last year just happened to happen when we got home from New Hampshire, after a week of running the hills here.  We got home and I attempted a 20 mile run the next day that ended with me hobbling home at 18 miles.  That weekend (labour day) I could not bend my knee without a lot of pain.  I called the Active Health Institute on the way to the cottage crying and set up a Physical Therapy Appointment.  This should all be old news, much has changed since then, my stride, my shoes etc.

The view of the mountains on my run, its so beautiful here, its very hard to not run

BUT here I am in New Hampshire, and the first day here I ran my favourite GIANT ARSE hill two times (about two miles of steep up hill). I also had to come DOWN that grade.  I was smart I mostly walked it.  I got in the cold pool right after and stretched really well.  That same day I went on a Bungee Trampoline thing twice, bounding hard up and down...a lot of flexion on my ankle.
I worked up a good sweat on this thing! It was a lot of fun
Worked out boot camp style the next day...including 50 box jumps and a trail run.

By Thursday my ankle and foot were sore.  I took a Rest day Thursday (other then a small hike and climb in the waterfalls with the kids but it felt great).

That night on the way to the pool my knee hurt.  Cue full panic mode (I feel like every ache and pain sends me into worse case scenario).  I stretched  more by the pool.  I pulled out the yoga poses and stretched.  I was tight, really tight.  I stretched more before bed.  The next morning I had my sprint work to do.  I felt good when I woke up.  I told myself that I would do a half mile warm and if I felt good would go ahead with the 6x1km sprint workout.  I did feel good and I felt great through out the workout.  Huge sigh of relief.  I then spent that whole day in the heat on my feet at an amusement park.  By the end of the day the top of my foot was sore again in it's usual spot.  I iced it that night. It feels better this am.

So here's the inventory, I have had nagging issues with my foot for over a year now.  It always feels better after rest.  But with my training ramping up, taking rest isn't always easy to do.  Will the increased stress from all the distance make this worse?  I think its time to see someone about my foot and make sure I don't hurt it more.  Also now that I am officially in training I need to become even more diligent and through with my stretching, yoga, foam rolling and seeing my RMT.

So today's a rest day, I am on vacation, I will rest today.  We are shopping today and going to an outdoor concert this afternoon.  We have pool time planned and I plan on stretching in the cool water.  I have my long run in the am.  I need to rest today for that.  I'm not doing my planned distance, I'm afraid to run that far here in unfamiliar territory. So I'm thinking 8-10 miles.  I'm ahead of my plan a bit anyway.  Crossing my fingers that I make it to Toronto Injury Free.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Vacation Creed

The kids and I last year in New Hampshire hiking up to Diana's Bath
We are heading back to Attitash in New Hampshire.  Its my childhood vacation spot and one we recreated the family vacation tradition at for our little family last year.  Let me tell you it was the BEST vacation yet.  Our first time really realizing that we have hit that sweet stage with the kids were we can do things we like too! LOL.  

So before we pack up, I wanted to declare my intentions this vacation for myself:

  • I will be present and in the moment, fully engaged 
  • I will play and explore with the kids and be a big kid myself
  • I will run in the beautiful mountains and trails and not worry about following my Marathon Training plan this week, but I will run and enjoy the blessing of the surroundings
  • This will be an active vacation, but not in a formal workout way.  
  • I will eat and enjoy my fav foods and wine, but I will honour the feeling of being full
  • I will not worry or stress I will let go and just be
  • We will create amazing memories this week 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Long Run Aftermath

Me very sweaty and needing someone to undo my shoes for me (can't bend over) after my 24.14km run this AM.  In this heat that extra .14 is a big deal. 

I had forgotten what it feels like to be training for a Marathon, maybe I forgot on purpose so I would do another one.  I'm two long slow runs into my plan (21km last weekend and 24th this weekend) and let me tell you the POST LONG RUN WALL is in full effect.  Getting out the door is a feat.  I was nervous last night about today's run, nervous about the distance (24km used to be where I would hit the wall of pain in my quads) and nervous about the heat.  This morning I did not, may I repeat DID NOT want to get out of bed to fuel and get ready to run in the crazy heat for over two hours.  But once out there I have to admit I was in my zone and I really enjoyed myself.  It wasn't a walk in the park by any means but I it was a good run.

But once your home, once you stop moving for even just a second...OMG.  Let me tell you a little about my post long run aftermath:

  • I have a hard time bending over to undo my shoes, usually Ryan or Kay will help me
  • I ran out of water 3/4 a mile from home, all I thought about was water...I stood over the sink like I crazed woman and guzzled back two huge glasses
  • I know I need to stretch, but all I want to do is sit on the couch with a cup of coffee as I only had time for one that am, and upload my Garmin data and post my run on Daily Mile....because you know that stuff is important !
  • Despite my desire to be lazy I make it upstairs and turn the bath on and start filling it up with just cold water, while I stretch.  I am the Queen of stretching while checking FB on my phone. 
  • Into the COLD COLD bath...OMG its cold..I can't believe people do this with ice!  I always have to pee once I get in....then all I can think about is how cold I am and having to pee...its torture. 
  • Sometimes I drink my post run recovery shake in the tub.   I do oatmeal, protein powder, banana, PB, chia seeds and almond milk.  
  • Out of the tub and into my PJ's and bath robe to warm up.  By now I am hobbling down the stairs stiff all over..its feat to get down the stairs.  
  • Now its time for sitting on the couch with my coffee, bags of ice for my knees and feet, and my GARMIN
  • only my Garmin sucks balls and won't upload data unless the planets are aligned properly.  
  • My children want lunch...I can't move...I give Ryan the look of desperation and he comes to the rescue. 
  • Eventually I have to get up and make myself something to eat, my tummy rumbling.  
  • After lunch I know I have to get back to the land of the living and do something, most importantly something with my kids.  I've been gone or out of commission since 8:00am.  But man its so hard to move, and I am tired.  Normally I take them to the park where I can relax on the park bench and read.  I am trying not to turn into a lazy lump on my long run days, but its hard.  Today I had no choice, I had a vacation to pack for, errands to do, and kids to entertain. My knees feel it I tell you and my feet.  I don't feel the least bit guilty right now sitting with my feet up and relaxing.  
  • oh and I have a very serious NEED for Ju Jubes on these days :) :)  did I mention one of my errands was a trip to the Bulk Barn?
  • and I guess I should get on that foam roller soon. 

Next stop New Hampshire! I can't wait to run in the beautiful mountains.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer: oh that laid back feeling

Summer is here and man oh man my house is a relax and chill zone.  When school was on, I was up at 5:30 am every morning either training a client or naturally awake myself and fighting to go back to sleep.  Since Summer Vacation has hit and I no longer have to get up to train and the kids are staying up later and sleeping in, I am getting up at 7:30 am folks! It doesn't sound like much but you have no idea how good it feels to sleep in that late.  Many a morning I am actually having to go and wake my youngest up at 8:30!  This is unheard of I tell you.  So needless to say we have been spending our mornings enjoying quiet time in our PJ's and slowly making our way to the gym or out for fun activities.

Summer morning fun, waffles and berries, ipad movie, and blanket fort 

Having the kids home all day, presents a small challenge in getting my workouts in.  I am trying to limit the amount of time that I drag them to the gym with me (they don't seem to mind it much but everyday would wear on them soon and also for the cost).  I can do my strength training at home easily with my TRX, KB's and even have some sweaty play dates planned with friends.  But what I really need is to get back into the swing of getting up early and head out for my runs or bikes before the house wakes and the heat hits (7 mile tempo run in the heat this evening was not smart).

So the workouts are happening, even have my first week of Marathon training down in the books!  It's just been a bit of an adjustment in routine and how they are happening.  I also find myself relaxing in the food department.  About two months ago I had gone back to using My Fitness Pal to track my nutrition to help me be more aware of what I was eating.  It worked well, I did it for about a month or so.  I was eating about 2300-2400 cals or so a day (much more on long run days).  Most of what I was eating fell into the whole foods/healthy category and the other 20ish% into the more 'treat' like category. Ok truthfully my 20% really seemed to be the weekend when I indulged in my favourite bottle of vino and a dinner out.   I've been off MFP for a few weeks.  I'm trying again to just be more intuitive.  Using MFP for that month or so gave me a good idea of what I need to be eating to feel good.  I will admit that when using it I was much less likely to snack on things like jube jubes (why did I buy a big bag yesterday?) etc. But I also feel tired again of always choosing the 'healthiest' option I feel like I need a little ice cream in my life.  I'm feeling much more relaxed about food, less rigid, almost zen like.  A lot of my current attitude is thanks to this woman's blog! and a group called EAT THE FOOD.  My mood in general right now seems much more balanced.  Even with my training for this next Marathon I have for the moment decided to let go of a time goal and just train and see what happens.  I haven't stepped on the scale in awhile and I am ok with that.  I'm even ok with my little belly roll, pouch.

Being happy, living in the moment, and playing with the kids. 
We are going on vacation next week, back to New Hampshire.  I am so looking forward to running in the mountains, hitting the trails, hiking, swimming, doing roller coasters, playing, laughing, eating, and drinking my beloved wine.  We had such an amazing time last year, I can't wait to do it all again with the family this year.  I likely will gain some weight, I did last year.  I'm ok with that.  That's life.  
And you know what I am living one sweet sweaty awesome life! 

A impromptu picnic at the beach for dinner with the kids, a healthy dinner of  Farm Boy salad filled to the brim with wholesome goodness and then JUBES for dessert :) why not?