Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Running 'Nekked'

pretty washi tape to cover the time and pace on my Garmin
The month of June is supposed to be my 'recovery' month, after the May Race Weekend and before training for the Toronto Marathon starts.  It's like a taper month? In that I am always worrying if I am doing enough or too much?  Every ache and pain sends me into panic that I won't be able to run Toronto. (I think I am gun shy of the TO race having been injured last year with an IT Band issue).

So I've kept up my long runs...8-10 miles trying to keep a base, and have been running them easy, slower then my long runs for the May half.  I've been running them after 2-3 glasses of wine the night before LOL!  I need to cut the wine out when training starts at least the night before :)  I've been keeping to about the usual 3 runs a week...and doing a moderate tempo and a little speed work (a fast 5km or some track work).  Overall the intensity of my runs is much less, so I think I'm doing a good job of cutting back.  
First time on the track since High school last week, YIKES! Getting ready for K2J Fitness in July
The Run Less Run Faster program I used for May Race Weekend, worked and allowed me to get faster and PR.  But it was also an intense program and at times stressful because EVERY RUN had a pace goal.  Even my long 'slow' run had a pace goal.  Watching my Garmin for pace has become even more ingrained in me then before.  My 'restful' June has me going out for runs and stressing over whether I am going fast enough, and if I am even capable of doing what I did last month.  So last night I headed out NEKKED!  I had planned on going without my Garmin, but man that's like COLD TRUKEY! So I used some pretty washi tape and covered up the time and pace.  I wanted to know, NEEDED to know how far I had run.  It took me awhile to settle into the run, I felt anxious and tempted to look at my watch.  I eventually let it go and just ran what felt nice and easy and good on my body.  It was a beautiful sunny coolish evening for a run.  I didn't even have a set distance in mind...just thought I would make it up as I went.  My legs felt a little tight at points during my run, and my left knee was a twinge I really didn't push it..I tried to just be easy and fluid.  But my silly mind kept going back to the mantra.."your not going fast enough".  ughh I hate that I do that.  Overall, I would say the run was more relaxing and enjoyable then any midweek run I have had in ages!  When I got home I admit shamefully that I tore the tape off to see what my average pace was.  ADDICT! 

I had a massage yesterday to help workout all the tightness etc.  Man oh man I sounded like I was giving birth.  OUCH!  What hurt the most was my back surprisingly. Lifting heavy and doing Crossfit is FELT! Part of my June plan was to lift heavier, to do the things I don't do strength wise when training for a race because I need my legs to work, and needing a crane to get off the potty doesn't bode well for a 7 mile tempo run.  My thinking was that building muscle and strength would help protect me going into the run intense months ahead.  (I will still strength train but with TRX and bodyweight).  But I am questioning the sanity of this now, as my knee has been a bit achy on the last two runs, and my Quads and IT Band are wound tight again.  So my plan is to just be aware, back off when needed, and maybe even not do a long run this weekend and do a long spin class instead.  Last week I took TWO DAYS OF REST (I know Gasp)! I also did an active recovery day and did a yoga workout, so I think I am finding a balance between working hard and resting.  

Next weekend I am at my parent's with all of my family for the long weekend, and I am tempted very tempted to ease off all the workouts that long weekend and rest and enjoy.  I remember doing that a couple months ago and feeling amazing for the rest.  The timing works well as I officially start Marathon training when we get back.  So will I do it? LOL.  We will see :)

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  1. so does this mean I won't get to meet you tonight at K2J Fitness speed clinic? I was thinking about going as she said I could just do the last 2 sessions seeing as I had a yoga class finishing up last Thursday.

    From the sounds of it I think your plan is good to look at active recovery as much as I would be disappointed to not get to meet you !!! PS, I don't think there's anything risky with lifting heavy and run training, i think the issue is the training volume and the rate of progressive overload ;)

    hope you feel better soon!!!