Monday, June 24, 2013

My Trusty Canadian Tire Special

My 8 year old, squeaky creaky bike....she's not fancy but she gave me a fabulous 33.37 KM bike ride this am!

I woke up this morning feeling very blah.  My foot has been hurting again (on going problem that I've had for over a year that goes away when I take a little rest from impact).  I was feeling down about not being able to run, I didn't do a long run this weekend and I suspect I will take the week off of running too.  Weights were off the table today seeing as I could barely sit up in bed (50 atomic push ups in Sat's Filthy Fifty have my core cursing! and my shoulder's aching).  I thought about hitting the gym for a spin class when inspiration struck me and I got my husband's old bike out (my matching old bike needs a serious tune up).  I needed to be outside today, not stuck in a gym.  I was a little worried the Old Boy, an eight year old Canadian Tire Special, wouldn't be up to the distance but Ryan was working from home and I had my phone on me incase I needed rescue (its happened before lol).

The brakes squeak something fierce, and the whole thing makes noise when I peddle...but it feels like I'm flying once I get going.  I took my bike out on my 20 mile run route, it felt a little heart flopping to think I will soon be running that route again!  Must admit it's much more fun zooming by on a bike then  running.  Part of my ride was on the greenbelt trails and the trails by the Nepean Sportsplex (about 11km of trails on my ride).  I love riding on the trails, the smell of the trees and nature, the dirt flying, the small rolling hills, the winding paths.  I can't ride as fast having to navigate the turns and there is a lot more breaking involved but its fun and engaging.  I felt like a kid! The time flew by and before I knew it I was home having covered 33. 7 KM on my first bike out, and in 1 hr 29 min :) Not to shabby for this old bike.  Best part is I was a sweaty, dirt splattered, happy, endorphin mess! With no impact on my foot.  

See dirty knees! I have dirt freckles!  
I felt great on the ride, but man oh man was I surprised when I got off the bike and my legs were JELLO!!  I am trying to imagine doing a DUATHLON and running after a longer bike ride?  CRAZY! and I can't wait to try it really soon!

So I need a bike, like a proper bike.  I mentioned it to Ryan in a blurr of sweaty high when I got home and he didn't say no...  So I'm going to talk to him about it some more and see if perhaps I can get myself a decent middle of the road bike to log some miles on this summer. Perhaps even do a Duoathlon in Sept/Oct.  One thing is for sure I am going to do a lot more riding this summer, as cross training in my Marathon Plan.  


  1. it's awesome how getting out there can just lift our spirits isn't it! how i miss riding. :( i'm gonna wait until after my 5 year anniversary though re: head injury.

    sounds like you might just be a perfect candidate for triathlon!!! 32K on your first ride out just for the heck of it? you might be on to something ;)