Saturday, June 1, 2013

Learning to love my flabby bits :)

I woke up this morning feeling good!  I mean put on my short short pace setter skirt and bounce about like I just don't care good!  Something has clicked in the last month.   I feel good about my body right now.  I feel fit, healthy and most of all happy.

While working at home today, I took my shirt off and worked out in my bra and skirt.  How Liberating! Even though I could see my stomachs hanging down while in plank I felt GOOD!

I feel so good about ALL OF ME that I am going to do something really brave and share my flubby bits to show you that you can be ok with ALL of yourself.

So this is me in my fav workout outfit, wearing my signature BUBBLE top, I like them because they hide the flubby tummy.  But wait for it....

Not so bad, sort of holding it in...
ok really holding it in...
Back happy with...there was one rolls of back flab back there....
Ok here it goes...there's the pouch...really wish I could at least carry my keys in there and ipod while running? 
And the WHAT THE FARK IS THAT? is that a tongue? a boob? no that's my flubby tummy hanging out in downward dog.  That took skill to take that pic I tell you! 
Don't let the pouch fool you, there are abs of steel under there!  Seriously you should see me rock the plank and swing around like a monkey in the TRX.  

This is the soft bit on me that my daughter Kasey loves to put her hands on for comfort and that wiener dog uses as a can that not be loved?

Seriously, I can't tell you how much better I feel about myself of late.  I'm working on taking the best care of myself as I can.  I've been focusing on my nutrition again.  But not in a cut back type of way,  in a how can I best fuel this body of mine way. I've been using My Fitness Pal again with success.  I've been eating an average of about 2100-2300 cals a day, and well to be truthful a lot more on the weekends (I do love my wine).  But its not the the calorie count that matters it's what I am eating that matters, and I've been power packing the nutritious foods in during the week. I still need to find a bit more balance on the weekends between enjoying wine and some treats and not going overboard.

I could say that much of that hanging pouch is what losing 95 pounds looks like, excess skin and all.  But there's fat there too and a good bit of it.   I suspect I could change the look of my abs with a "cleaner diet" and gasp no wine!  But in all honesty I don't want to go to the extremes that I would need to get those abs.  My mind doesn't work well there. And the thing is I am happy with my body, as close as I likely will get with being confident naked and not having surgery or drastic diet changes.  (I think it's ok to choose those things, they just aren't for me).

I do have work to do, I need to rein the WINE TRAIN in,at the seemingly many social events on my calendar.  I need to find the balance between enjoying and not over indulging.  I feel like I am figuring that stuff out.

I have come so very far from the girl that once avoided the mirror at all costs, and when she did look, only looked at herself with one eye open.  Now I can look, jiggle my belly, and smile :) 


  1. I keep looking at this post to try and see the "bad" stomach photo and....there isn't one, dude! Your "pooch" is barely one at all! You look FANTASTIC and the work you've done and continue to do totally SHOWS. You're amazing and brave and funny and strong and engaging and...everything good there is in the world. Not even a lie. Keep doing you, Katie.

  2. Katie, you give me hope! Thanks for posting this. Love your openness :-)

  3. So here's the thing! I was blessed to meet you when you were fluffy - maybe at your fluffiest and you know what? I fell in love with you :)
    You were open & kind, creative & talented, supportive & funny. I looked forward to your visits and (thought you made the cutest kids.) It's been a while since we've seen each other. Those 95lbs you speak of, I know they're gone. The determination and effort that helped you accomplish that was all inside you - still is and so I say again "here's the thing!" You were great then, (when you were flufflier) & you're great now. Fluffy bits that bag and sag - the majority of us have em. Heck I've had mine since I was 23 years old right after I had my first baby. When you work so hard you look forward to the day they are gone but the truth is they never really do for most. So I'm glad you're starting to accept the "left overs" more - sure they might be inconvenient when trying on the latest styles but they're a good reminder of the life we're all making for ourselves and the blessings we get from even being lucky enough to live a full happy life. Keep working hard, keep being you a most of all make sure you remember to always treat yourself with the same acceptance & kindness you treat everyone else-and I know from experience with you that's a lot!
    xo genna

  4. Love love love this most. Amazing!