Sunday, June 16, 2013

Crossfit Humble

I have a month before 'official marathon' training begins again and I am having some fun mixing up my workouts.  2 weeks ago I joined my husband at his 'box' to try my first ever Crossfit class.  We got a babysitter and made it a 'sweaty date night'.  I admit I was a wee bit nervous heading in, but was put at ease instantly upon meeting the fellow crossfitters.  They were so friendly and welcoming.  Of course it helped that I met one of my 'online friends' Amy in real life there.  That was pretty neat! 

The class was so different from anything I have ever done before.  The strength portion of the class was  a bench press that day, 3 reps.  We had 20 min to work on that.  I've only ever lifted heavy enough to do 6 reps.  So this was HEAVY for me.  It took a bit of trial and error to figure out my 3 rep max.  Which was a lot less when I did it PROPERLY and had the bar touch my chest LOL!  I really enjoyed the strength part of the class. It made me feel pretty #badass!   Next up was the WOD (workout of the day) an AMRAP  (as many reps as possible) of dumbbell snatches, pull ups (I used a band), and Pistol Squats.  I struggled with the form and technique on the snatches.  I just couldn't get it down pat in that class but I did my best with my crappy form.  I loved the pull ups with the band.  I felt so strong and mighty the first 6 reps.  After that they got very messy!  The pistol squats were awesome, we used a 'band/rope' for support and were almost the same as doing them with the TRX.  I was a happy sweaty mess at the end of the class.  My arms felt the pull ups for the next couple of days, which was a happy sort of hurt.  

I enjoyed it so much that we booked the babysitter again, and I joined hubs again the following week.  My friend Christy joined me, another REAL LIFE encounter!  We got to class a bit early and I wanted to give these famous box jumps a try.  I have done them at the gym on a step...I think piled up to 6 steps? but I start at 2, and add on building up confidence.  I looked at the 'women's box' and thought that's not very high, I can do that.  I stood in front of it and all of sudden I swear my heart rate went from 56 to 156!  I couldn't do it!  My legs wouldn't move! I did a few step ups thinking some momentum movement would ease the fear..NOPE!  My husband was laughing 'WITH' me from behind. Nice one Ryan :)  I abandoned my box jumping for another day and waited for my HR to come back down and class to start.  The strength portion of this class was the Olympic Jerk? I can't remember..was it a clean?  All these new terms confuse me.  The instructor was kind enough to break the movement down for me and I worked on my technique with a light weight.  While I struggled to figure it out and put it together.  My friend Christy was rocking the biggest round tire size plates on her bar! #inspired! Pretty soon Amy followed suit and beefed up her bar too!  I stayed on the 'diet plate' plan.  Little wee plates that barely lifted the bar of the ground.  A friendly guy helped give me some advice on form, and I explained that I was having trouble breaking my BODY PUMP mentality.  He laughed and said that explained a lot :) The other portion of this class was Toes to Bar...or in my case knees to elbows (most of the time).  I loved this move!  I loved chalking up my hands, that just makes you feel professional!  I loved how strong I looked in the mirror hanging from the bar knees pulling up to elbows.  I avoided looking at the area that looked like I was ready to give birth LOL.  

The WOD that class was 5 rounds of the "clean"? or was that "jerk"?, the Toes-to-Bar, and Wall Balls. I left the little plates on my bar.  I loved this WOD. Even though my form and technique leave much to be desired on the first exercise I felt much more capable then with the previous weeks snatch.  I did my best and focused on moving from station to station.  It's an awesome endorphin rush! 

By the time the class was done my hands felt raw and I had wee blisters.  The next day my sides by rib cage ached, my wrists were sore, my legs were tight.  I felt awesome!

So Crossfit?  I can see why people get hooked on this.  It's very empowering, and its done in such a supportive environment.  I love that you can see personal gains in time, strength, technique week after week.  That's a wealth of motivation right there! I love that I have gotten to experience first hand how challenging the workouts are.  I have a new found appreciation for Ryan and his dedication to this.  I also love that it's taught me that I have a lot to work on, areas to get stronger in.  Crossfit was humbling in a sweet humble pie dessert kind of way.  

I have to admit I'm intrigued, I want to do more.  Going back again this week.  Question is do I give up my GL membership and join the Crossfit 613? How does it fit into my schedule?  and more importantly how does it work with my marathon goal for October?  So right now I'm going to enjoy a class when I get to it, and when at the gym training on my own I am going to employ some of the things I have learned there.  ie.  using the band for pull ups rather then the pull up assist machine.  Lifting much heavier weights etc.  Changing my TRX training to employ more 'density' workouts.  

2 more weeks till operation "Toronto Marathon" and my goal is to have FUN while building some muscle to protect me for the upcoming run intense program.  

Could there be a little extra bump on my arms from Pull Ups?  
My children think its hilarious that I take these pictures

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  1. The Kool-Aid is pretty tasty hunh? ;)

    I still use my GL membership a couple times a week for my favorite Thursday morning spin and Sunday morning Body Attack.

    That's kinda the bummer about crossfit gyms - the lack of equipment.