Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who's excited for Ottawa Race Weekend?

I remember years and years ago hearing about Ottawa Race Weekend and my friend Marlene going to take pictures.  I remember thinking what a cool event that would be and thinking that it was something that just wasn't part of my world.  That was before I was reunited with my love of running.  Now I am prepping for my second Ottawa Race Weekend and I am vibrating with excitement and nerves. 

Last year I ran my first MARATHON! It was the best race I have ever run.  I was the most prepared, all my training came into play just as it should, the emotions of a life long dream were flowing through me.  I ran to the sounds of my children's cheers on my ipod.  After that race I was ADDICTED!  I then chased down that same high in two more Marathons...but they just couldn't compare to that day.  Injury and toll to the body slowed me down and all though they were good races they just weren't like that magical first. 

This Sunday I will be going back to Ottawa Race Weekend to run a half marathon.  My husband is running again this year too, as are a number of good friends.  I may be just as excited for the post race beer and race rehash with friends as I am for the race itself!  I'm using a new training plan that I have high hopes for.  I feel good.  I feel ready.  I've learned so much in the last year about my body and how to best take care of it.  I also feel lucky and thankful to not be suffering any injuries right now.  This Taper, is so different from the Marathon ones.  Its only one week, I don't feel crazy.  I have a plan to follow that tells me exactly what I should run this week so  I don't have to second guess myself.  My body is not beat up the way it is when tapering from the Marathon training (except a couple black toe nails).  I'm not doing any strength training this week, to avoid soreness and tightness.  My plan is to sleep, eat well, and rest.  Exercise wise I did my last speed workout this am, and have an easy 3 mile run planned Thursday (hopefully with my fav red headed ponytail girl).  I also plan on some biking and yoga.  

I have a race plan, for the big day...for once in my life I am not going to arrive at the race and not change plans! I'm going to stick to it!  

Anything can happen.  Who know's what the weather will be like, will I get some crazy cramp, will I SHART my pants again?  LOL.  I can't predict the outcome of the race.  I have high hopes, but I know I have trained harder for this race with more intensity then any other.  I am praying for a good race.  I am praying that all my friends and fellow runners run their best races that day.  

I am hoping that this race will be part of the journey to running a personal best at the Toronto Marathon in October.  That's my end goal.  I can't tell you how my heart flutters when I think about it. 

This is my passion, my love.  I love the whole process, even the really hard moments.  I love how all my hard work (668 km to be exact this year) come into fruition on race day.  

I'm waiting for my power play list and the last 2 miles....I'm coming to get you! :) 

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  1. Well done. I spectated at a 10 miler this past Monday and made a sign, which would be appropriate now (just hope you have better weather!)