Monday, May 6, 2013

Summer Loving Confidence

Seriously it feels like SUMMER...we skipped spring and went right into Summer and I for one am loving it.

It's like I have a renewed sense of self confidence in myself now that the sun is beating down her warm rays.  I feel happy, healthy, fit and ready to conquer!  The sun and warmth is my prozac and I am medicated!

I had my first run in a tank top last week, a 7 mile tempo run that was tough, but somehow the warmth enveloping me and the cool breeze filled me with gusto to give it my all.

My Happy Farmer Tanned Self :) 
I have lounged in the park reading my smutty vampire books while the kids play and get their exercise.  I've put my pasty white legs up for display in my short shorts and let the sun warm them, not caring that when I sit down the white flesh spreads (more tanning surface). 

I've broken out my summer dresses, and love that I am wearing something other then my "clean" workout clothes.  I feel pretty and girly and twirl worthy.  

love this dress on sale at Mark's Work Warehouse, with BUILT IN BOOB HOLDER!

Last weekend I wore a dress to wine club and thankfully it was just my girlfriend's there because my underwear and dress were having a static relationship and every time I got up my dress was stuck up high and my bum and unders fully exposed.  I of course had on my unders with holes! Sigh.  But made for some good giggles :) 

I've been hinting to the girls for a week or so that I really want a LULU gift card for mother's day.  On Saturday I took matters into my own hands and told the family I was off to shop for my own Mother's Day pressie :) LOL  I enjoyed a wonderful hour shopping in Westboro all to myself without kids in tow.  That in itself was an awesome present!  You see I had told myself during the Manotick Road Race that if I held strong I would reward myself with a new pacesetter skirt for Race Weekend.  I love the feel of running in skirt, it makes me feel "fast".  Things went pretty well at Lulu except for that one tank I tried on that made my back look like it was a "BUM"! I really wish I had taken pictures now, it was amusing to say the least.  I couldn't find a tank that I felt comfortable in, in the pretty pale or bright colours.  They all showed the flubby tummy too much.  So I went for my tried and true basic black bubble top.  I have to say I don't care if it's black I LOVE IT!  I once saw this poster that said I wear black to workout, because it's a funeral for my fat.  Paired with a bright orange and pink pacesetter skirt I am ready to rock that Half Marathon!  

I ADORE the pleats in the back :)  Like really love them and want to run in them all the time. 

Took the skirt for a test run this am doing sprints and despite a few tugs to pull the shorts back down,  it was a dream to run in.  I don't care that my thighs look jiggly in it when running, I figure if I run fast enough no one will see. 

I feel like I have turned the corner, gone from my sweat shirt and sweat pant, trying to stay warm, slump and frump to feeling good about myself again.  I missed feeling good.  I'm embracing this body right now in all its AWESOMENESS and it's sweet imperfections and I am going to twirl in pretty skirts.


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  2. I've been reading this blog since you first started writing it. At first it was just interesting. Then I began silently cheering for you. Now, you are a full fledged inspiration. I think you look amazing. Reading about your ups and downs, your views on fitness and your own body image is helping me along my journey.
    I decided to "try" to lose weight a couple of years ago. I did lose, but not as much as I could have if I would have had the drive to do so.
    I've recently found that drive. You are one of my inspirations to keep at it. I once hated to sweat and thought I could walk (slowly) and lose weight as long as I was eating right. Mind set has changed. I now have a gym membership and am running now. I still hate to sweat, but losing 14cm around my waist in 4 weeks makes me glad I did.
    I just wanted to say thank you for being so open and honest about this part of your life. You've helped me realize what I want to become. You unintentionally showed me the way.

    1. Thank-you so much Jen, reading your comment was a gift today. I am so happy to hear about your own journey. Especially love hearing that your running and gyming even though still don't love to sweat..that made me smile. You are on a roll, doing great...keep the momentum going!! Proud of you.