Sunday, April 21, 2013

Smiths Falls Spring Fling Running Thing Half Marathon

My Running Buddy Rachael and I warming up in a patch of sun before the race
A few months ago my friend Mary (she rocks by the way, super happy bright shiny person) mentioned this race in Smith Falls that was benefiting a family that lost their Dad in a tragic accident.  There was to be a 5, 10, and a Half Marathon.  My training plan for the ORW Half just happened to have me out doing 14 miles today so a Half Marathon Race seemed like a great idea.

Rachael and I hit the road bright and early at 6am to get to Smiths Falls, for those of you that don't know me well, driving with me is always a fun adventure!  We arrived safe and sound with only a few misturns.  I loved the feel of this race from the start.  It was a small race with about 500 runners and most of those were in the 5 and 10km.  The race itself was down an old rail way track, a trail run to speak.  The scenery was lovely (sure beat running Woodroffe!) but also quite challenging.  My legs were not used to to the ground and I felt it, and my neck and shoulders hurt from staring at the ground most of the time to keep from miss stepping.  But even then, I loved the change of scenery.  

Rachael and I ran the race together, one ear bud in so I still had music to power me on but could hear her and chat a bit too.  The race wasn't crowded so we could easily chat, even when I was "eating her dirt" (literally...trail race).   Our plan was to do a "training run" but we both felt good, checked in a few times with each other and thought let's hold the pace we can do this!  I have to tell you I love running with this girl! I of course love her company, her humour, and her spirit!  But I also love those speedy legs of hers, and she's faster than I am.  My goal was to stay on her heels or as close to them.  In my mind if I just stuck to her I would be ok.  I love Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan the US Olympic Marathoners.  I love how Shalane is just that "much"faster then Kara and that they are great friends.  I told myself today, that she was my Shalane and I had to stay close.  Those little mantras that you tell yourself that keep you going. 

Rachael and I :) Just kidding.  
As much fun as the race was it was tough, and I was feeling it.  Without my run buddy I know I would have slowed down.  We giggled, shared words of encouragement, and pushed on to the finish line to come in just under 1 hour 52 min PR for us both!  Rachael at 1:51:53 an amazing and me with 1:51:57!

I can't tell you how much fun I had.  I really loved the feel of the small race, how friendly people were, and we got really neat handcrafted medals.  Oh and did I mention I came in 2nd in my age category?  Yes 2nd out of 3, like I said got to love small races they make you feel like Kara Goucher :)  

BEST MOMENT OF THE RACE: a really hot young guy came up to us and said he had been trying to catch us the whole race but just couldn't do it!  Did I mention he was hot?  


So I have 2 blood blisters, a handcrafted medal and a PR to show for a mornings run :)  Great day in my books.

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