Friday, April 12, 2013

3 Days Rest and the Lessons Learned

I had a really interesting weekend, a great one actually.  Friday night I met up with some of our dinner club girls and we painted pottery and relaxed.  Saturday and Sunday my family (my mom and dad, and my sister and her family) came to visit to cheer my 10 year old niece on in her Hockey Tournament.  I don't get to see my family often so this time was golden.  Amongst all the fun I was also taking some rest from running and working out, my hamstrings were very very sore.  As in it hurt like hell to even bend over to put running shoes on.  I rested Friday and Saturday.  In my head I had pushed my long run (13.1 miles a half marathon) off till Sunday.  Sunday arrived and I had ZERO I mean zero desire to run.  I felt better physically, but mentally I was done for.  My niece was kicking butt in her games and was heading into the gold medal game. I didn't want to miss it.  I wanted to enjoy every moment with my family.  I was tired of trying to fit my runs into my family life.  So I took the day off.

I took 3 days off!  I hadn't taken a weekend off since a similar injury and mental tiredness in the summer.  (and we all know how long ago summer was lol)

I enjoyed the morning very much, I screamed so loud cheering my niece on that I thought my head was going to explode. I soaked up watching my girls and their cousins play together.  They love each other so much.  It was wonderful.  Then we had to say good bye, and that part sucked.  The kids cried all the way home and it broke my heart.  We got home around 1pm and it felt like 6pm we had already beed to two games and packed in lots of play.  A guilty voice in my head said I had time to run.  I didn't want to.  I made the decision to not go. But I didn't own the decision.  Instead I let the guilt and anxiety eat at me.  Then I dealt with those feelings by eating.  You know the emotional numbing kind of eating, sigh :(  By the time bedtime rolled around I was stuffed and even doubting my ability to run a half Monday morning.  I had let an amazing weekend turn into a guilty ball of anxiety all in one afternoon.

Cue Monday morning, I love what a new morning will do.  HOPE.  I was still nervous, but knew once my feet hit the road and I settled in I would find my happy place.  Ryan was working from home that day which took the stress off of having to get home in time to pick up Kasey at 11:00am.  My plan was to run easy the first half and then pick up the pace and run closer to the LSR pace requirements of my new plan.  I settled in.  I forgot about the guilt and anxiety. I did what I love...RAN.  At the half way point I picked up the pace, and I saw I was on target to PR so I ran the last 4 miles at race pace.  OH MY LEGS, they felt like lead in the end.  But I did it.

1:52:04 for a new Half Marathon PR.  (4 mins of Army Time) 

I must say I felt much much better after that.  I've had a great week.  Those three days of rest did me wonders! I also had a massage this week and it really helped with some nagging soreness.  I've been able to exercise with INTENSITY this week.  I did my sprints yesterday and nailed them! Then I did the new Bodyshred class right after.  I'm modifying my running plan this week.  With having done last week's long run on Monday I can't fit two long runs, speed work, and a tempo in.  Not without hurting myself.  So I am leaving out the tempo run and thinking of monday's half as a tempo :) why not?

I have learned a lot this week.  I'm a slow leaner, there are certain things that I just seem to need a hammer over the head to get through.  But here's the thing.  A year ago, I would not have taken those rest days.  I would have pushed through.  A year ago I would have missed my niece's gold medal game to run.  I'm changing.  I am finding balance.  I am learning that resting will get me to my goals better then pushing through and hurting myself.  I am learning that I can play around with my plan to make it fit my LIFE and that if its not perfect its ok, I am fit enough that it won't hamper my progress.  I have also learned that I still struggle with the guilt and anxiety and heavens with the food part too.  I hope next time to really embrace the rest and enjoy the time off.  I hope to let go off the anxiety and guilt completely some day.

I also know that training for a race with a goal in mind does require a lot of work and discipline.  This weekend is a busy one with 2 birthdays.  I will be squeezing in 10 miles Saturday morning before the festivities begin.  Today despite it being a "snow day" and the thought of staying in my pj's being very tempting I will do my lower body TRX strength work so my running machine is strong.

I am slowly finding more balance.  I have literally come a long way in the last year.  I want to be fit and healthy and to kick ass running.  But I also want to have fun with my family, I want to enjoy the blessings in my life without being consumed by a "ridgid regime."  This has been a very good week.  I hope to repeat it again and again.


  1. Rest! I struggle with this too, the guilt and the worry. Recently, with adding more weight training in, I have followed the 48 hr adage between lifting sessions, and it has been good for me to remember that and take that rest time. You have come a long way! The fitness is not the only thing that comes with all this time training. It is knowing and understanding our bodies too, right? I am so glad you had a restful weekend. We all need those.

  2. I love this Katie. I've said it before, but I'll say it 1000x. One of the things I love about you is your constant inner reflection, your desire to constantly tweak and improve-your running, your life, your balance. I go the other way-i struggle with pushing more because sometimes I think "good enough" I think we all have our work to do-and the best part of it is recognizing it and wanting to take the time to figure it out to have the best life possible for US. That will look different for everyone. I'm proud of you!