Friday, March 29, 2013

Training update (week 7)

I'm into the 7th week of the Run Less Run Faster Half Marathon Program.  For the most part I have followed the Key Run's.  I switched a fast 5km run in, instead of a Track Repeat one week.  But that was neat because it gave me a chance to see that the program is working and I am getting faster.  I ran a PR in a snow storm (snow in my eye for a mile!).  My previous 5km time was 23:28 and I really wanted to run under 23 min this night.  For me taking time off a 5km is HARD! I find you have to gun it the whole way and the perceived level of exertion feels like you should have shaved minutes off only to find seconds.  5km is HARD!  So....

I did it!  22 min 50 sec!  Oh my gosh when I stopped my sides felt like they were going to split open, I had the worst stich! I think from heaving so hard in the end.  I even limp sprinted down my street at the end having that pulling in my inner thigh again.  I wasn't giving up. 

Yes that inner thigh pull.....later that night I got evidence as to why that's happening.  I invite you to look at exhibit A. 

A friend on instagram snapped this pic of the snow falling that night and just happen to catch me in the last half mile stretch home.  CRAZY eh :)  But look at that lean back :(
Exhibit A, clearly shows a heel strike and a lean back.  I am braking again.  I have felt myself doing this on my tempo runs and I guess this day too as I was popped.  I am getting tired pushing pace over a longer distance on the tempo run and I feel myself leaning back to "rest" but that leads to a pull in my inner thigh/groin area.  As well as opening the door to a number of other problems.  Like the ones that landed me with an IT Band issue last year.  So I have been trying really hard to refocus on my form.  

So for the most part I have been following the 3 key runs a week.  I have nailed all the speed work, which I am really proud of.  I have almost always made the tempo paces.  I've struggled on two of them but was pretty darn close.  The long runs have been great for the most part.  My only struggle with those is that I feel left out.  The program wants you to run at HMP (Half Marathon Pace) plus 20-30 sec depending on the week.  If I do that its not really a Long SLOW least not like I use to run them.   But more importantly it means that I can't run with our run "group".  I'm usually ok with being a solo runner.  But I love the friendship and fun of our group.  I also feel and I hope its just me being insecure but I feel like I'm being a snob :(  The truth is I feel like I am missing out.  I hate not being part of things, I'm such a teenager sometimes.  Luckily our weekday run club runs have started and that means I can run with the group and cheer on the new members and get to be part of the social aspect.  And I got a lovely fill your soul tank back up 10km run in with my friend Tracey yesterday.  Running has to stay fun, and good for my soul.  I also made a new running friend :) Her name is Rachael and she's awesome.  She also kicked my butt in the May Race weekend Marathon last year (and she went to the bathroom FOUR times!)  Its been really neat to run with someone that pushes me.  I actually felt close to the puke point on one run, and frankly I loved that!  It's amazing how many running friends our little circle is making and literally people of all abilities.  I really love that. 

I've kept up with my strength training 2-3 times a week.  I am almost exclusively training on my TRX, Bosu, and with Kettle Bells.  I find that lifting the "heavies" in the gym just doesn't go with my running goals.  Last year I felt like I kept trying to be a "heavy lifter" and it just didn't mesh well with the running.  I need my legs to work, and not being able to get off the toilet or bend down doesn't work.  I've learned that I am very quad dominant and that I need to make my hamstrings stronger.  You know that saying "the things you don't like doing are the things you need to do!"?  Well its true, I hate a number of Hamstring Strengthening Exercises and those are exactly what I need to do.  So I have work to do.  I always do a variety of Squats and Lunges.  But I need to add more deadlifts, TRX Bridges/Hamstring Curls, Bosu Bridge Pulses, Stability Ball Hamstring Curls etc into my routine.  

The one area I have not really followed in the program is the 2 cardio cross training sessions.  I should be on the bike two days a week. I seem to get one in.  I have been taking two days off a week to rest more often of late.  Where as last year I was strict with one day off, or better yet aiming for 11-13 days of work in a row.  (insert stupid)  But I am ok with that.  I am very active and I don't think my cardio is hurting from not being on the bike.  My strength training sessions are circuit in nature and involve elements of HIIT.  

The program has a number of LONG runs in it.  To make that more fun I have scheduled a half marathon race in Smith Falls on the weekend of the 23km run, and the following weekend I am doing the 18km race in the Tick when my plan has me running 19. I'm a little off the distances but I think that's ok.  These will be training plan is to run the HMP plus 20-30 sec.  Not gun it like its a race going all out.  

So for now, I'm going with the plan the best I can.  I'm ok if I modify it a bit like running some of the long runs slower etc.  This is the first time I have followed a "plan" and this a book for heaven's sake.  I find it hard to believe that's going to be an exact fit.  It's not an individualized plan.  So I'm adding a little Kataroo to it.  After all, that Kataroo style has served me well :) wink wink.  

7 mile tempo run and Easter Baking here I come!  


  1. Umm, you are the absolutely last person on the face of the Earth I'd call a snob! Not at all! We know how hard you train, Katie! We know that, same as we all have goals for running (or other things!) You have your individual goals and plans too!

    I DO miss running with you though, chatting and laughing, so I'm SO looking forward to Wednesday nights. You ran with me, at the back of the pack, many a time-and its my turn to give back.

    I got teary reading about our run! Soul tank filling. That's it exactly. You always make me smile and chuckle and just feel like "all things are possible." :)

    I think modifying the book to suit is exactly right. Its the same as anything else, right? Nutrition, exercise, life! We make our own ways/plans.

    I don't do heavy weights cause I'm too intimidated by the gym! I should get some kettlebells and look into some stuff I can do from home! :)

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