Thursday, February 14, 2013

2nd Week into new Half Marathon Plan

Sweaty Love Notes to myself :)

I'm not even fully done 2 weeks of my new half training plan and I am POOPED (just picked my daughter up from school in my PJ pants Pooped)!  Perhaps I just really enjoyed my running break after Disney, maybe it's the February blahs, or perhaps the intensity of this plan is just kicking my butt!  I suspect it's the ladder.

I'm doing all the training runs on the treadmill right now, having completely been turned off the snow after my last 32km run in Snowmageddon (despite the amazing company and adventure it turned out to be).  I'm not used to the treadmill, I run slower on the treadmill and this program is all about "intensity" ie. pace.  I'm hoping that means that when I hit the road in the not to distant future (spring is coming right?) I will find it a BREEZE?  One can hope.  In the meantime, I am doing my best to embrace the Dreadmill.  I have been lucky to have one of my best bud's company on 3 of my runs.

I was nervous starting the program wondering if I could still run my Sept 5km time of 24 min.  So I tested a 5km out on the treadmill.  23:23!  Honest to goodness almost puked, and it was by far the hardest 5km I've done.  (damn you treadmill).  But it boosted my confidence that I could do the program I had picked.  The Friday before starting the program I decided to give one of the track repeat workouts a sample to see if I could manage the pace. I needed to be able to run 400 meters in 1 min 26 secs.  HOLY LORD! I had the treadmill cranked to 9.5 mph and my best time was 1:34.  I left feeling proud of pushing so hard but thinking that perhaps I was going to have to modify the program after all.  Later that night while enjoying a glass of red wine and making dinner I glanced over "the plan" on the fridge.  DOPE! It was 1:46!  I had it wrong! In typical Katie ZERO attention to detail I missed that point.  I now felt much much better about starting on Monday.

So its now Valentine's Day (mmmm...choc) and I am two Track Repeats, one Long run, and Two Tempo Runs into the program.  So how's it going?

 Key Run #1: Track Repeats:

  • I'm enjoying the challenge of these, they are my favourite run.  They are TOUGH...I'm pushing myself to run faster then I've done before.  
  • working out the speeds etc on the treadmill is a bit of a PITA but I'm managing
  • the endorphin rush and sense of I FREAKING DID IT is worth it

Key Run #2: Tempo Runs:
  • These are my nemesis, they consist of running at a certain pace (short, med, or long tempo pace) over a varying distance (i.e. 3 miles short, 5 miles medium, scared to know what long is) 
  • The short tempo run was my first 2 miles easy then 3 miles short tempo pace (8:00 min/mile) and 1 mile easy.  Even though I was running slower then my 5km pace, the 2 mile "easy" sufficiently tired me out that it was a challenge to do the 3 miles.   
  • This 1 mile easy cool down is AWFUL…I'm done I'm done…I don't want to easy run 1 mile it takes longer yet don't have the gas to go fast…ie. HATE THE 1 MILE COOL DOWN.  LOL.
  • Today was a medium tempo run.  1 mile easy, 5 medium tempo pace (8:15 min/mile) and the dreaded 1 mile easy.  I was tired today, sore for various reasons, and my head was not in the game.  On the treadmill I stare at the input to begin with, I'm tied to the treadmill, and its so much worse when focused on a certain pace.  Outside, my mind goes free and its much easier on my mind and body to run.  These runs all have a 'pace' to achieve and I think today the pressure got to me.  Needless to say, I did it.  I did a 8:18 min/mile pace which is close enough.  
Key Run #3: Long Runs:
  • I have only done one so far and it was 8 miles, a manageable distance on the treadmill (I ran 13.1 miles last year on the dreadmill hoping to get outside before enduring that again).  
  • The long run pace varries but is typically your HMP plus 20-30 sec's.  It's not really a "slow" run, it is most definitely faster then I had been running on my marathon training runs.  Which is why I need a clear road, I can't push my pace in the snow.  
  • BUT I need to get off the treadmill, if the weather isn't bad this weekend, I'm going to run outside and not worry about the pace. 
  • Did I mention that there are 
    19, 21, 22, 25, and 19km runs in it?  I've never seen a half with those distances, mind you I've only ever trained for one LOL. (I ran the 2nd while training for a full). 
Two non-weight bearing Cardio Sessions:
  •  I've been doing spin or using the stationary bike.  I find it "annoying" to wait till 9:30 for the spin class though (such hardships I know) but just learned that there are now spin bikes in the cardio area of the co-ed gym! SCORE!  I hate the stationary bike, the seat it to wide and digs into my legs.  I need to start working rowing in as I find it challenging, and CHALLENGING IS KEY.  This program is based on intensity so I need to keep pushing past my comfort zone.  
  • this week I did one spin class...not sure where I will fit the other one in yet.  As I still like to get my minimum 2 days of strength training in (still need a rest day in there). 
Strength Training 2 times a week:
  • I'm following the same thing I've done the last year training for the marathons, and that's getting a minimum of 2 days of strength training in.   They are full body sessions consisting of a pump class, free weights at the gym, or my TRX at home.  
  • I find strength training challenging, the Personal Trainer in me wants to go hard and lift heavy and achieve new strength goals.  But the runner in me needs my legs to work!  Needing a crane to get off the pot in the am does not bode well for a Tempo Run.  
  • I do find the TRX really well suited for running.  I love the single leg exercises I can do it on it.  My goal is to focus on range of motion in my squats and lunges and increasing hip stability.  
  • I just bought a new TRX and KB video and have some exciting new moves to try out (eeeee oh the things that excite me)
  • I like having a plan to follow but think that at some point I may modify it a bit.  I don't want to feel stressed out by the pace requirements etc. 
  • I need to pay attention to my body.  My foot is giving me grief after my runs. This isn't new, I think I need to go back to sole fit.  I need to be careful of my IT band that has given me so much trouble in the past.  
  • But I am excited to see what this program and training can do.  
Oh and I signed up for a half marathon in Smith Falls April 21st!  I had 22 km to do that weekend anyway, so why not.  I'm running it with some friends and it will be a fun run.  Ok off to make friends with my foam roller and get ready for a date night with the hubs. 

Happy Valentine's Day :)


  1. Oh, I wish we could train together!! Except down here where we can run outside, not up there on the dreadmill, LOL. Stick with all of that speedwork - it made a HUGE difference in helping me crush my PR. And I think you're dead on with listening to your body - a plan is worthless if you're injured and can't do it, right? Our races are the same weekend - Olathe 26.2 is on the 20th, so we'll be training and tapering at the same time. Good luck with the new plan, I'll be keeping track of how it goes!

    1. I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to train with you, you have no idea!! How cool would that be :) I took a rest day today feel much better, looking forward to a run in the am. Love that our races keep meeting up on the same days, we can run together in spirit :)

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  3. Oh yeah, for a series I'd definitely have to have it written down somewhere - I'd be sure to forget by the time I got to the next book! Carrie and I can be weird together because I too think through the details even though most of it doesn't make it into the book.
    Thanks for the post, Kyra, and best of luck with Strength Carrie -- I've been hearing great things about it.
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