Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Mind Fark that is the Marathon Taper

7 days till the Disney Marathon and I am already experiencing the Mind Fark that is the Marathon Taper.   You would think it would be old hat by now, given that I have felt the same way the last two times.  But here I sit, hungry, tried, teary, and nervous.  Wondering if I am doing enough? am I doing too much?  Wishing it were here already!

Here's a peak into what taper week looks like for me:


  • I find I am more tired then usual, ready to go to bed at 7:30 with the kids and sneaking in 20 min cat naps during the afternoon while the kids destroy their bedrooms
  • Workouts that I would normally do, exhaust me and leave me feeling shaky.  
  • More sore then normal, again usual workouts are leaving my muscles extra sore and tight (calves are like balls of steel)
  • Feet are a mess, black toenail, blisters, and bones are sore. 
  • Hungry! Like I have a hallow leg, I can't seem to fill up.  Craving carbs like 90, and could pick a chicken clean all by myself.  Don't get me started on my need for chocolate.  
  • The best way to describe how I feel is vulnerable, like I need MARMIE hugs, and extra cuddles. 
  • you know that feeling after a really good cry, that's how I feel
  • I also find I am a bit quick tempered (did I mention Aunt Flow showed up?)
  • This is the part where I question my training.  Did I do enough? Should I do more right now, sneak some extra in?  Am I doing to much, am I going to hurt myself?
  • I feel guilty scaling back, I worry about eating more (extra hungry, and emotional eating) and not exercising as much, I worry...and then worry some more. 
  • My anxiety creeps up, my tummy is all butterflies...and that feeling even though it is mostly excitement reminds me of how I feel when I have anxiety.  
That folks is the MIND FARK THAT IS THE MARATHON TAPER, but given that I have done this twice before I am sure I have learned some lessons, RIGHT?


Katie you have my permission to:

  • slow down, ease back at the gym, stretch more, take two days off instead of one. 
  • go to bed with the kids, and sneak in cuddles in the afternoon
  • indulge in as many hot bubble baths and book escapes as you need
  • extra choc chips in your oatmeal
  • drink lots of water, nuun, and de-caf tea (try to ease back on the 'fiene')
  • eat more complex carbs both to fuel you physically but lets be honest they comfort the vulnerable part of you right now too.  (hello Oatmeal).
  • pamper your feet with spa dates with the kids (those unsuspecting cutie pies will rub my feet with fruity smelling creams to the cows come home lol).  
  • when you do workout, play...enjoy yourself and don't worry about "training"
  • most of all know that this race is the "celebration" of a year of training, and a life long dream that came true in May, and when its over its time to kick back with your friends and family and DRINK YOUR FACE OFF IN THE HOT TUB!!!! in Disney :) 


  1. You are ready. You have prepared. You have done this before. Enjoy being pampered and take the rest guilt free. Rob is also going through some of the ups and downs. While not so much emotional, he is really tired and generally laying low.

    I will be there to cheer you on at the finish line and more importantly, drink with you to celebrate afterwards!

  2. Thank-you So So excited to celebrate everyone and with everyone after :) Tell Rob I prescribe choc chips and oatmeal :)

    Here's to Friends, Disney, and Chillaxn :)

  3. Haha I can totally relate! Taper is so bittersweet - such a relief to finally get some rest, then it totally messes with you.

    But of course we'll both be fine - more than fine, really - it'll be spectacular! Have a terrific time :)

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