Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Race Bib Mini Album: A year of racing

A little something SCRAPPY to share with you :)  I made this album out of my race bibs, and it holds some very special memories from 2012.  I added the Disney Marathon to it even though I ran it this January, but in truth it feels like it belongs to 2012.  The work, sweat and tears certainly belonged to 2012.  I'm hoping to have many more memories for this year's album.  

I tied my Disney shoe laces to the album rigs, and the i run 42.2 button is from May Race Weekend

My May Marathon Race Chip from my shoe

My blog post is in this envelope 

My best MARATHON :)

forgot to add my power songs lol

Had to add Kelly's picture!


  1. I want to do one now, thanks for the great idea.

  2. Oh yeah, for a series I'd definitely have to have it written down somewhere - I'd be sure to forget by the time I got to the next book! Carrie and I can be weird together because I too think through the details even though most of it doesn't make it into the book.
    Thanks for the post, Kyra, and best of luck with Strength Carrie -- I've been hearing great things about it.
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