Sunday, December 30, 2012

That time of year: Goal Setting for 2013

The end of 2012 is almost here, and its been an amazing year.  Hard to believe that I am finishing the year off tapering for my third marathon.  Hilarious given that my big goal of 2012 was to run one marathon, to just get up the nerve to do it ONCE.  I remember how many times it took me to attempt clicking register for that first one in May (barf!)

I've been "running" lots of ideas and plans through my mind this last month, thinking about next year and what kind of races I want to do and what my goals will be.  I've always loved making New Year's Resolutions there is something magic about them.  I started thinking of New Year's Resolutions and it led me to thinking of races.  I soon found my heart beating extra fast and myself getting carried away.  Needless to say I think I found "my thing," the thing pushes me and keeps me motivated.

I started a post a while back on setting up a race schedule for 2013...I never posted it.  It went something like...I want to do this and this and this...oooh this one too!  I may have gotten carried away. Me carried away? No!

So this is where I sit now, I am conflicted.  I am reading this really fascinating book right now, "Run Less, Run Faster."  The plans in the book will help you run your best performance.  They stress not how far, or how many times you have run in a week, but the INTENSITY of your runs.  The plan also stresses picking one or two key races and focusing on those. (ummm...not back to back races like I did this year).  The plan also talks about recovery time after key races (again...mmm...what's that?)

What has my heart racing, and so excited about exploring this book is the way the plan is set up.  You choose your training plan based on your current fitness level's 5km time.  So my current 5km time is 24 min (23 something in the summer).  The intensity of your plan is based on this!  Obviously my 5km pace is one hell of a lot faster then my half or full marathon pace!  This plan has me running 3 key runs a week (1 track, 1 tempo, and 1 long run). The key runs are pace specific and challenging. (the marathon plan has 5 -20 milers in it!) I also do 2 days of cross training (non weight bearing cardio, ie. swimming, biking, or rowing with INTENSITY, there's that word again).  You also do full body strength training of about 30 min 2-3 times week (love that they did not forget this key component and stress the benefits to your running machine).

Here's the real tease...based on my 5km and 10km times I could potentially reach the Boston Qualifying time for a Women's Age 40 category!  I'm 36 so it makes me think that this "pipe dream' is possible, that I could do this in the next few years.

The Qualifying time for Women 40-45 is 3:45.  According to this book's plan if you can run a 5km in 23:10 and a 10km in 48:30 and a half in 1:47.25 you can do this!

So my goal is to run the May Half Marathon in 1:47:25 to see if I have the potential to do this.

and then.........

Here's the conflict...I want to run Tough Mudder, and Spartan, and try a Duathon, and do the Army Run (my fav), and the TO Marathon, and do CrossFit and and and.....I want to do it all.  I want to play and sweat and hang out with my friends.

But I am slowly coming around to the idea of simplifying this year and focusing on two key runs.  A Half May Race weekend, 2 weeks recovery, and starting training for the TO Marathon.  (I could still run the Army Run half like last year as my last long run, slightly pushing the plan here but it's my favourite race and where it all started for me).  Committing myself to doing my very best, means not doing Tough Mudder even though I really want to.   It means following the plan, and being strict with myself (rest days, recovery periods etc).  It means being ok with picking my goal and setting my eye on the prize and cheering my friends on and not having to be "part of" EVERYTHING LOL!

So I am going to mull it over, prepare for Disney in two weeks and then set my Goals in stone so to speak :)

So go for it!


  1. WOW, what a great 40th birthday present to yourself, qualifying for Boston and you can totally do it. Neale followed the program, loved it and took more the 6 mins off his first marathon time which was his PB (which he had never gotten close to since). Sometimes less is more, even if we have a hard time believing it.

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