Thursday, December 6, 2012

Muffins: A different Perspective

When I was little my nickname was "Muffin,"  I can't remember if it was my Dad or my Grandpa that named me that but it stuck.  I really did love muffins!  In fact, one of my fondest childhood memories is of being at grandparents house and my Nana baking muffins.  My Grandpa (who was always up to mischief) would sneak them for me while they were cooling and Nana would get playfully upset with him.  I have so many memories of eating muffins at my grandparents house, a place that was filled with love and fun and adventure.  My grandparents lived on a lake, Nellie Lake, and it was a truly magical place for my sisters and I.  After a long day of adventures outside, after we were scrubbed clean and powder puffed up, we would gather at the kitchen table for a bedtime treat.  My favorite bedtime treat was one of my Nana's muffins.  My Grandpa had this trick where we would take "his" butter knife (he had a special one with a yellow handle) and would scrape all the extra muffin stuck to the paper wrapper off it.  That's a lot of extra muffin goodness!

mmm...muffins..warm out of the oven, sliced in half and buttered on BOTH sides.  Filling.  Satisfying.  Comforting. Happy Muffins. 

So where am I going with "muffins"?  Well I had the opportunity to experience a Life Coaching Session with my good friend Jay Dziuba this week.  She is a life coach and well you just need to expereince the magic of what happens in a session.  We were meeting on Tuesday and I didn't really know what we would focus on in our session.  Would I choose to get help with growing my business, would we talk about running goals, I wasn't sure.  The neat thing is that it's a very organic type of session, what I need help with seems to surface on it's own and that's where we go.  This session ended up focusing on letting go of the "weighty" feelings.  "Weighty" being that tight constricted feeling around the heart, the racing heart, that anxious feeling, the worry, feelings of unworthiness that seem to cling to me.  I feel as though I am on the verge of another big change, ready to let go of the "weightiness" that is holding me down.  In previous posts, I've talked about the challenges of maintaining weight loss, and making the mental shift from weight loss to "healthy and fit".  In my session with Jay, we worked on finding perspective, so we talked about how I felt doing different things.  Like when I run.  When I run I am present and I  am connected to my body.  I feel fluid, like a machine, and happy when I run.  We talked about things like scrapbooking.  When I scrapbook I feel grateful because I am telling our stories.  Jay asked me to think of a happy place or thing and "MUFFINS" came to mind immediately.  Muffins represent the memory I shared with you at the start, that safe, content, satisfied, happy place with my grandparents.  So we took that "MUFFIN PERSPECTIVE" and from that perspective looked at the "weighty" issues.  Let me tell you the "weighty" issues look and feel much different from the perspective of muffins.  Do I need to get on the scale each morning if I am feeling muffins? No. Do I need to count and track what I eat if I am feeling muffins? No.  

The real AHA moment came when we looked at my upcoming Marathon in Disney from the perspective of Muffins.  (honestly, I have been doing really well with staying off the scale, and I have taken a break from counting and tracking etc, but the idea of this next race has really been weighing me down) So this was the real CHRISTMAS LIGHTBULB MOMENT right here.  If I RUN DISNEY from MUFFINS...I am running to celebrate the gift on this last year.  I am running to celebrate three marathons, to celebrate being healthy and strong enough to accomplish that life long goal. I am running because I LOVE TO RUN.  I am fluid, I am connected.  I am not watching my garmin.  I am not running to beat a time.  I am running simply what feels good, happy, joyfully, MUFFIN-LIKE.  I am running with my Grandpa.

Interested in finding your muffins?  I highly recommend looking into Jay Dziuba and her life coaching sessions.  You can send her a message through her linkedIn Profile here. 


  1. Everyone has a trigger that puts you in a happy, soulful and comfortable place, and you FOUND IT! MUFFINS!!!

    I bet they have chocolate chips in them. ;)

    I love that. I don't have a memory/place/word I can translate into a state of mind to empower me (yet), But I have these "feelings". I experience this sense, and I get deja vu, and then I think about the last place I felt the sense exactly that way. Not always positive, but I'm working on that (ie: happy memory causing happiness, sad causing tears etc). Associating it with a word can be so powerful!

    Great ideas. Does Jay have a website or info other than Linked In?

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