Friday, October 12, 2012

To be part of something....

Grabbing a silly pic while huddled in the car before a run in the rain
I've always been a solo runner, I have been quite happy and dare say even preferred to be out running on my own.  My pace, my race, my music....time to myself.  But just over a month ago my very good friend Laura came up with the idea of making a local running club.  It was a mix of friends as well as new acquaintances as the word spread.  It was a brilliant idea on her part, a way of rallying the troops so to speak to help her train for a 10km race.  But in doing so she brought together a group of women each week pushing themselves and cheering each other on to reach new heights. 

We are a mixed group of runners and paces but we all gather around in the end.  Last night we walked back to meet the rest of the group as they came in, almost had a race feel to it.  So neat to be hooting and hollering for everyone.  Funny thing is we are not that spaced out.   We have some great ponytail swingers in the group to boot!  Its seems like most nights someone reaches a further distance or best pace or most definitely that euphoric "I DID IT!" feeling.  

The thing I enjoy most about this group, is watching my friends find their click, watching their faces fill with pride at their accomplishments, seeing them excel!  Its contagious and fills me with a new kind of happy.  

Running is my happy place and I am so glad that I get to share it with this amazing group of ladies.  

Being part of something is pretty darn cool :) 


  1. I love your little group, I've never met you all but coming together in one place, with common goals for all the right reasons? LOVE!

  2. Run Club makes me so happy. I'll admit that sometimes I love to hate it, but everytime I finish with a huge sense of accomplishment and surprise at what a little determination and peer pressure can do :) Thanks for being the awesome cheerleader and running at every pace to keep people company.

  3. Hello, my friend! A great story and I'm sure you all had a great time on your cross country trip. I've never been to Montana, but it sounds glorious! I'm sure the chaps with the chaps will never forget it, too. Best regards to you. Ruby
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