Monday, October 29, 2012

Pushing it

This past Sunday was my third year running the Rattle Me Bones 10km race.  I did it with my hubs, and a bunch of my friends. My kids even did their first race and ran a 1km Jigglebones race.  My parents even came out to see us run (and watch the kids hehehe, thank-you Mom and Dad.

I set out to run this race, with a goal in the back of my that in all truth I really didn't think I would be able to meet.  But I went in with my PUSH IT till can't you PUSH IT anymore attitude.

My dad told me in the summer that his best time from back in his day, was 48 min and 50 some seconds.  All summer I had that number calling my name.  My best 10km training time so far was 52 min something and I was spent.  So I really wasn't sure how I would ever get to 48 min, especially 2 weeks after my 2nd marathon, and learning to change stride.

I started the race off fast..thinking GIVE a bit...PUSH a bit...and just keep going. I hit the 5km mark at 24:04, I felt great!  At 6km my hamstring seized up, I wasn't used to running on my forefoot and going that fast for that long.  So I switched back to my trusty heel strike and fought through the discomfort.  As long as I kept to short strides I felt pretty good.  Well it worked...I have to admit I was shocked to cross the finish line and see 48:28!  At the finish line a woman hugged me and thanked me for pushing her, now how cool is that.

I was really happy, and not just because of the time but because my family and friends were there.  I had girlfriends not only running their first 10km race, but some of them their first 10km distance.  Each and everyone of them KICKED IT!  Our little running club represented at RMB!

I felt really strong after that race, and relieved and happy that I have come off an injury and am healing really well, and am back in race form.  I'm excited so very excited to keep running.  I want to this to be a life long hobby of mine.  I look forward to running with my daughter at her first 5km some day soon.

I've come along way in 3 years......

RMB 10km (1:09:20) 2010

in your before pics you have to show the really unflattering one :) wink

RMB 10km (48:28) 2012 

...3180 km :)


  1. WOW!!! You rock!!! I hope to get the chance to run with you next year.

  2. "you've come a long way, baby!" I think that used to be the motto for a 1980's cigarette commercial, but it's fitting to describe your awesomesauce.

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