Friday, September 21, 2012

It all started at the Army Run 2 years ago...

 Two years ago, a friend suggested I run the 5km at the Army Run, and I was so flattered that she would even think I could do it.  I had been working out at the gym pretty steady for about a month or so but hadn't run more then 10 min.  Well I tell you training for that first 5km with Ryan and running that race LIT A FIRE IN ME!  (thank-you so much Eva for thinking I could do it).

Working my way to that 5km race with Ryan was a lot of fun.  I remember we would come home from the gym and "brag" about our times on the treadmill and then try to beat each other.  The day of the race, I was feeling a little cocky and I asked Ryan if he minded if we split up.  He gave me this look and said SURE if you don't mind too.  We lost each other early on getting caught up in the crowd and excitement and before you knew it I was in my groove.  I was running faster then I ever had and feeling great.  In my mind I thought, I AM SMOKING HIM!  At around 3km I CAUGHT up to him, and couldn't keep up.  He beat me that day, but I must admit looking at his butt is a nice view.

That race really inspire me.  I remember running and wrestling with my shirt that didn't fit, even at the biggest size you could get.  It rode up and I ran with it under my boobs most of the run (thank goodness for a white tank underneath).  I really wanted my own shirt that said "watch this flab fly!"  I may have been a plus size girl but I tell you I felt like a runner, I really did.
The Army Run 2010, 5km (33min 12 sec)
Last year we returned to the Army Run to run our first half marathon togther.  It was an amazing day! We ran together for about 16km.  We didn't even feel like we were running in a race, we felt so good and happy, were checking in with each other and enjoying the experience.  My parents SURPRISED me on the sidelines, that was a tear jerker for sure.  After seeing them, I realized this was my time, my time to give it all.  So I gave Ryan a nod and went for it.  2:11:43 seconds and I wasn't sure if I would make 2:30!  Ryan wasn't far behind me at 2:16:26.  It was when I saw him cross the finish line that I lost it with the big tears. I was so proud of him and of us. We celebrated that night with ICE WINE and cheese in bed while watching a movie.  The day truly ranked up there with getting married and the kids being born.

The Army Run 2011, Half Marathon (2:11:43)

So Saturday I get to warm up for the Army Run Half, at the Color Vibe 5km.  Its going to be a fun happy run with my friend Liz, celebrating this fit healthy life and my friends.  This weekend so many of my friends are running, its seriously amazing how the happy endorphin bug has sparked!  Sunday, is the big day.  I'm coming off an "injury," I've been cutting back on the running, training differently and doing physio.  I am nervous at how my body will respond.  I am also super duper ridiculously excited.  I'm going to go and run my best race and be happy no matter the outcome knowing that I am blessed to be able to do this.

Wishing everyone running this weekend a great Race.  RUN HAPPY MY FRIENDS!


  1. Yippee! So excited to finally take part in this run after hearign you talk about it for so long :) I'm also excited for the breakfast and beer which is sure to follow.

    1. hehehe "talk about it for so long" :) wink I am really excited for you and proud of how you have set out to run, rallying the troops as you go! and YES and YES to the beers and breaky!

  2. Wish I was there this year! It was such an amazing experience last year. Have a great run :)

  3. Thank-you Sara, and I bet you will be back when the wee one is older :) Have a great shoot today.

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