Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall New Year: Sept Goals

There was some chat on Facebook last night about how Sept seems to feel like a new year, and a fresh start. The kids are heading to school, routines are going to slide into place, and my very favorite time of year is almost here.  So with that I find myself making a list of goals for Sept (eeee two of my fav things a LIST and goals!).  

So here we go, this Sept my goals are too:

  • to cut down on caffeine for REAL this time, to switch to decaf beverages in the afternoon
  • make a pot of homemade soup each week
  • try a new recipe each week (can you tell I am in a Martha like mood)
  • be diligent in my stretching and foam rolling to be in top running form
  • do yoga once a week (also part of staying running healthy) 
  • tackle one clean up/house hold project a week
  • blog more, I seem to have fallen out of the habit 
  • call my sister weekly, man I miss her (yes I did just say CALL lol)

What are your goals for Sept?  Are you feeling a little extra motivated with this new month upon us?

1 comment:

  1. My big goal is this month, the Army Run 5k. My focus is kind of on that, so my goals are:

    - Complete the race!
    - Refocus on healthier eating with portion control to keep my weight loss rolling
    - Find a pair of fall boots that fit nicely (Seriously... so hard to find!)
    - Have a nice dinner out with my husband where we have to dress up
    - Try and get up earlier in the morning (this involves having my 18 month old sleep through the night, however)

    Mini goals are important, just as the big ones are. it helps us leapfrog to bigger and better, no?