Saturday, September 8, 2012

10 things I don't do!

Surfing the web last night I came across this funny post called 10 things I don't do, what makes it extra funny is she is a bit "perfect" homemaker and a guru of money saving and home making tips.  Sort of refreshing to see that she isn't perfect.   I couldn't help but come up with a list of my own.  If you want to play a long post a link to your post in the comments.

1. I don't floss, it grosses me out, especially if bits of plaque get flicked on the mirror...ughh.  The only time I floss is if I eat popcorn, I should eat popcorn more often.

2. I don't rinse my dishes. Little chia seeed goo gets stuck to my glasses in the dishwasher because I am to lazy to rinse and rub them off before they go in.  The glasses come out of the dishwasher with dried on black dirt...and I put them in the cupboard...its clean black chia dirt! :)  DRIVES RYAN MAD!!!

3.  I don't DO THE PHONE...I hate talking on the phone, friends must sign a contract understanding that I will not talk on the phone :) 

4.  I don't answer the DOOR...I think I am part hermit and don't like having to respond to others.  If the door rings I don't answer it, the kids go running to it, and I tell them to stay away and hide.  Why answer it chances are its someone selling something?


5.  I don't diet! No fad diets.  No short term thinking, or magical solutions.  I do my best to stick to a Healthy Lifestyle that focuses on eating more whole real food then processed.  I eat lots of lean protein, complex carbs, a little fruit (I hate it), lots of vegetables, healthy fats and CHOCOLATE.  I move and get sweaty almost every day.  I indulge in my favorites like red wine and chocolate often and find healthy versions of my favorite foods.  I am far from perfect.  Sometimes I plain old over eat.  Sometimes I use food to mask my emotions.  But overall, I do my best to LIVE a HEALTHY life :)


6.  I don't do cards.  I am a scrapbooker and I don't make cards.  I don't even buy them.  Why?  I am lazy. Nuff said. You will not find a card attached to your pressie sorry :(   But I do appreciate the cards I get from others and even add them to my scrapbooks.


7.  I don't do sex scenes in books.  I'm not  a prude, by any means trust me! But the sex scenes in books just bore me.  Loved the first 50 Shades...but couldn't get into the other two.  All my favorite vamp books...yep I skip the sex scenes.  I blame it on Laurel Hamilton, I think she just over did it and killed my taste buds for it.

8.  I don't do DETAILS!  (I know big surprise LOL)  This is why I fub up recipes, why I can't knit or crochet, maybe its why I don't like the sex much detail about what went where and how it quivered?

9.  I don't sit and wait well.  I mess up my pedi's because I can't sit and wait for them to dry in the salon.  I hate getting my hair done in a salon, sitting in that chair for 2 hours is torture (even if its time away from being the whine fest at home I think I would rather be at home tuning them out wink).  I am like a kid when it comes to having to sit, wait and behave.

10.  I don't proof read very well, this goes back to the details problem. Now don't you dare go back and count how many errors I made in this post.  I have convinced myself that the errors add character to my writing voice.  Yes that's it!


  1. Lmao this is genius!!! Totally going to write my own list although it would appear we have a lot in common - 1,3,6,7,9. What are your thoughts on ironing??

    1. Definitely do not iron...I ruin clothes that way...I am fond of the slightly wirnkled look, the "I ironed this this am...and it got wrinkly on the way LOL"