Thursday, August 16, 2012

The whole family running

I just registered the WHOLE FAMILY for the Rattle Me Bones Race in October!  Ryan and I will be running the 10km race for our 3rd year in a row.  This was our first 10km race 2 years ago.
Super Pumped after running my first 10km race!  I even had trouble walking later that day! LOL
We ran the whole race together, even a few butt slaps along the way. 
Last year we did the 10km, after a dinner party at our house.  My first race hungover, oh the lead in the legs!  

We ran with our good friend Rob, it was his first ever race and a 10km at that!

Ryan and Rob :)
So this year Rob's wife and one of my besties Laura is joining in on the fun!  And I am so excited that I have the girls signed up for 1km Jiggle Bones Race.  Kay is super excited, and Kasey is less then thrilled LOL (she's says that's really far).  We have a babysitter set up that is coming to the race with us.  I figured, we need a sitter anyway, so why not make it a family day.  Kay has been meeting me after my runs dressed in her runners and ipod and eagerly awaiting a little jog together.  It makes me smile so wide in my heart.  I remember looking up to my Dad when he came home from his runs, so being able to do this as a family really makes my heart sing.


  1. So cool! Cate is also registered for the 1k :) They will have a blast!

  2. I bribed Kasey into it telling her Cate was going :) LOL

  3. Excellent! We did the Tot Trot with William on Canada Day this year and he loved it! Once the kids are a bit older, I really hope to encourage them to do runs with us. My son is already wanting to run with us sometimes.

    Maybe I should sign up for the 5k Funnybone... Hmmmm.