Saturday, August 4, 2012

Relaxed Mother Runner

Thursday Night "start of a long weekend" Beer and Fried Pickles on a Patio with the Family
So I may....have a wee bit of an extreme personality, an all or nothing type of attitude.  I'm working on finding that balance, I get close....veer off...and come back.   Last weekend was a really nice lesson in relaxing, taking the entire weekend off from working out and resting so I can be stronger.  This Thursday night I relaxed and enjoyed a fun evening with my family on a patio. We played a new doodle game with the kids while waiting for our food, enjoyed some very tasty beers.  I may have veered a little to far into the realm of indulging with deep fried pickles, and fries with my dinner, oh and dessert! OOPS.  But I have to say I didn't feel guilty, which was a nice feeling.

Date night with Ryan,  WITHOUT KIDS!
Friday night was a real treat, and Ryan and I got to go out without our kids in tow. We enjoyed a really yummy dinner and wine at Pho Thai Fusion.  I had "carb loading" on the brain when I devoured my entire plate of Curry and Rice but other then that didn't stuff myself too silly and I think found a bit of that "balance."  We saw Dark Night after dinner and I LOVED it!. 

This morning I was "supposed" to get up at 6am to eat breakfast and get ready to hit the road for 7am to run 24 km.  Instead I slept in!  It felt good! So I am going to run on Sunday. I am embracing a more relaxed attitude.  When the anxiety or guilt at not running today creeps in, I will push it out and enjoy the day with my family.  When my daughter starts to press my buttons this am, I will not think man I wish I was out running, I will think I love this little stinker and work on my patience. 

Here's to a long weekend, of balance, and hoping the rain stays away when my running shoes hit the road in the morning.

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