Saturday, July 7, 2012


This morning I have plans for 16km, the longest distance I have run since end of May.  I'm back into the Sat or Sun long runs and therefore back into the world of being disciplined to do them.  Believe it or not I actually laid in bed this am thinking about my run and wondering if I should put it off till Sunday. I was having cold feet and nerves and a general feeling of being too tired to get out at a decent time.

But I have been laying the foundation of discipline in the weeks prior.  I remember not so fondly a 15km run on the Norland hills not to long ago after a rather "fun" night with my sisters.  That would have been a very easy run to blow off.  But I didn't.  Last weekend, I had a chest infection, and on Sunday had every excuse in the book not to go out for a run.  I was much to happy about the thought of spending the morning in my pj's scrapbooking and knew I had to set the foundation of going.  So I did a very easy 5km and while feeling "a bit off" was fine.  Every time I get out that door when my mind is chanting PJs PJs PJs, I am setting another brick into my foundation.

Building a strong foundation here, going to go for it!  Sept 23rd here I come!

PS. also getting the hubs disciplined too, Mr. S was out way to late at Bluesfest last night and has to take the kids to soccer while I run.  Poor Baby :( NOT!

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