Monday, June 25, 2012

Workout Plan for the Week

So Half and Full Marathon Training don't start till July and in the meantime I am struggling with the "what do I do today mentality".  At first I really enjoyed the freedom of not having a set schedule to follow and being able to play around a bit with things like taking a spin class.  I have been enjoying Jillian Michael's 30 day Melt Down Program (mixing it up and making it own) and last week using the suspension trainer.  So I have made a plan for my last week of freedom, because well I like having a plan.

Monday: 1 hour strength/burn circuit (2 rounds of JM front and legs), 10 min of TRX core

Tuesday: Hills or speed work on the treadmill and TRX core

Wednesday:  Park TRX (full body) and Kettle bell workout with my friend Jay

Thursday: 8-10km run and TRX core

Friday: 1 hour Strength/Burn Circuit (JM back and legs)

Saturday: long run (16km)

Sunday: rest or active rest

That's 3 runs, and 3 Strength Training Sessions...I like that :)

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