Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Balls to the Walls

Surfing Pinterest last night I got lost in a blog called Blonde Ponytail, which is funny given my dislike of the "ponytail club".  At first I was totally taken by her collection of smoothies and then I found this Medicine Ball Workout.
I've really enjoyed reading other people's workouts and getting ideas so I thought I would start sharing what I do at the gym every once in awhile.  


Speed work on the dreadmill, today's goal was to hold a faster pace over a longer interval to help with overall speed.  

5km Speed Workout: incline set to 1%
3min warm up- 5.7 mph
4 min 8 mph
2 min 4.2 mph
4 min 8 mph
2 min 4.2 mph
4 min 8 mph
2 min 4.2 mph 
4min 8 mph
1 min 4.2 mph
finish out 5km at 6mph 

total time: 28min15 sec ish

**This was a form of HITT training, I was sweating like crazy way more then I usually do on the treadmill.  My hair was even wet!  You can play with the speeds and find what works for you, but the idea was 4 min work intervals, with 2 min of recovery (key to recover! HR comes back down).  

Then I did Blond Ponytail's MB workout.  It was killer! I could really feel it in the shoulders.  I modified the push ups to my knees, so I could push through all 50 reps.  I loved the rhythm of the ball rolling back and forth.  I messed up the lunges and added 50 static MB overall head lunges to the circuit..oops...but what's an extra 50? LOL.  I also modified the MB burpees, I was afraid to plank out holding the ball so I placed it down, hands on the floor beside the ball and planked then picked it up and did the burpee with it.  

I loved today's workout, ful of adrenaline and power.  Now enjoying a massive salad, with avocado, turkey, salsa, and sprouted corn tortillas...YUMMY!

Have a great day! 


  1. I have a medicine ball. I bought a bunch of work out equipment a month ago. All I've been doing with it is russian twists and situps (although I have to tuck my feet under the couch). I'm going to use this workout to get new ideas. And Jacob wanted to know why I was buying all this work out equipment. I told him so I could be stronger than a boy for self defense purposes. LOL.

  2. I have to say I really liked using the Medicine Ball, you had to engage all sorts of muscles to hold on to it! The plank was quite challenging. All the moves can be modified. Love your reasoning by the way...GIRL POWER! :)