Sunday, June 24, 2012

On The Cusp

Oh my Good Lord, I have gone and done it! I have officially registered to run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October.  Every since completing a life long goal, at the end of May, I have been chasing that high again.  I miss having a GIANT ARSE goal to look forward to, and make my tummy flip flop back and forth.  After hitting the submit button this am (ps. I open and closed that link a hundred times over the last week), my hands were shaking and I felt weak in the knees.  Call me crazy but that feeling, I love it, I love knowing that there is something that can make me feel like that and at the same time once out there running make me feel so complete and happy.

My friend Tracey posted a link to an article on running last week and in it they describe different categories of Marathon runners.  Those completing it between 4-5 hours were considered on the CUSP runners.  I'm 17 min and bit on the CUSP...of being a "natural".  The Toronto Waterfront marathon is described as a fast downhill course...any chance I might make it out of the cusp?  One can dream right? After all, it was dreaming that got me here.  So no matter what the out come, I am going in full heart, to do what I love. RUN! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. You won't be on the cusp for long - you are DEFINTELY a natural marathon runner. Go Katie Go!

  2. you are anything but "on the cusp" miss Katie.. congratulations... another huge and exciting event to look forward to... We will cheer you on all the way!!!!