Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Lulu, New Toys, and Gunning for a New Time

Sporting the Lulu top my sister picked up for me :)  
Last week I sported a cute workout outfit (new clothes make me happy) and hit the park to use my new suspension trainer with a friend.  I picked up a suspension trainer (think TRX, but mine isn't branded) at the National Fit Day last weekend.  I had been online watching videos on the TRX like crazy and took it to the park with my friend Jenn on Tuesday to workout.  We worked out for just over an hour and I swear I have no idea where the time went.  It was challenging and fun and oh my a sweat fest in the heat.  Thursday I met my friend Erin at the park to do the same thing (while the kids played in the splash pad, could it get anymore perfect), only this time I got the treat of being trained.  Erin's a personal trainer and has her TRX certification so I learned some great tricks!  It was such a treat to have someone else leading the way through a workout, and counting! We plan on making it a regular summer date.  I took the suspension trainer to my parent's this weekend too, and took both my sisters through a workout.  It was so cool to hang it from a tree by the water and get a workout in, surrounded by trees and water.  I can't get over how much this thing works your core.  CX have nothing on this new toy!  My abs hurt all week when ever I laughed or coughed.  

I found this video on you tube, and it just amazes me that someone could do this! The strength it would take!  Talk about inspiration! 

So new Lulu, New Toy....and?  Well this was my first week back into running, I got three runs in.  This weekend I did a 15km run here at my parents.  It was challenging because I had a lot of "FUN" the night before and I didn't exactly wake up feeling my normal get up and go self.  The road here is really hilly and there was one hill in particular that is very steep and long.  Its been a while since I have run the long route out here and when I hit the first challenging hill I thought it was "Big Bertha." I got up ok and thought wow I must be in better shape then I thought.  UMMM WORNG...that was the warm up hill!  Oh my goodness Big Bertha did not disappoint.  But here's the thing, despite waking up feeling less then "awesome" and the crazy hills, I loved it out there.  The forrest, the lake, the smell of the country air.  It felt so good to be off my usual running route.  I love running.  I really do.  I feel "100% me" when I run if that makes any sense.  When I run I like to run out to the mid way point and turn around and come home.  I hit that turn around, and I say "HOME" and I am filled with a surge of something and I gun it home.  I love that feeling.  HOME.  Only yesterday I miscalculated the run around and arrived "home" and still had a mile to go...BUMMER...but I did it (even headed into the forrest trail across the road and hit some steep hills).  It feels so very good to be back in my running shoes and will start training for the Army Run in July. I gunning for a new half time.  This Spring I had an unofficial time of 1:56:24.

I would like to beat that, even if by a sec!  Last year my Army Run time was 2:11:something :)  It feels good to have a race to look forward too.  In fact I have a lot to look forward too this summer.  In July we will be doing City Chase again with our good friends Rob and Laura.  The class at Saunders Farm is well under way and we have a great group of people coming out to sweat and play.  It's going to be a very fun active summer, and I am loving that!  

What are your fun sweaty plans for the summer?


  1. That video was AWESOME! So inspiring. It makes me want to go out and buy a TRX because it really did look like a lot of fun!